Pros and Cons of Racking And Shelving Storage Systems?

Pros and Cons of Racking And Shelving Storage Systems?

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Today’s storage has to be able to keep up with the fast-step world of retail, with its focus on fast order fulfillment and overnight delivery. Storage racks system are modernized and efficient, with technologies that make the best use of storage while protecting goods from damage. for better efficiency, you can even keep all of your products under one roof if required.

Pros of shelving and storage racking system

  1. Better utilization of storage space

If you want optimal utilization of space and trying to keep everything in your inventory in one warehouse, it can be difficult to use brimful floor space most efficiently. To make sure the proper utilization of resources you can do one thing that is “go vertical.” Stack more products with less floor space, and reduce both time and movement.

  1. Prevent from damages

For a warehouse racking system, you can use heavy-duty racks. proper use of these heavy-duty racks is one of the initial infrastructure mechanisms that make seamless operation possible and optimize warehouse efficiency. Such types of racks help warehouses to take full benefit of their space. Obtaining a heavy storage rack will allow you to maximize the life span and minimize wear and tear to the utmost extent these storage racks must be affixed to the walls and floors in the most secure way. This will avert damages to the goods and thwart any harm to the workforce, it is exceedingly crucial to maintain adequate space or gap all along the storage units. This measure helps in uncomplicated access to these stocks. Thus, by using a proper warehouse racking system one can increase the productivity of their warehouse.

  1. Increase the bulk storage capacity

As every manager wants to increase their warehouse storage capacity so they can store a large number of products or a bigger quantity of items. You can improve storage capacity by using the warehouse racking and shelving system

  1. Improve efficiency in the order fulfillment process

order fulfillment is a crucial stage of sales for online businesses. The first stage of order fulfillment is generating invoices and packing slips. You can automate this process by integrating of 13sqft company. Shelving and storage racking system help to improve the efficiency of the order fulfillment process.

  1. Flexibility to grow

The ultimate business goal of every businessman has to expand their business all over the world. As you grow your business it becomes essential to expand your warehouses as well. The shelving and storage racking system allows you to add storage capacity and change the configuration as needed.

  1. Implementing different inventory control methods

It helps you to implement different inventory control methods such as FIFO, LIFO, and HIFO because the racking system helps us in optimum utilization of space so you will be able to opt for any one of them the technique of inventory control.

  1. Long-term investment

Pallet racks help in reducing labor cost and storage costs so that you can utilize your money somewhere else which gives you a more profitable business and increase your competitiveness in the field.

Cons of shelving and storage racking system

  • Warehouse space typically needs to have open-handed passage widths large enough to accommodate picking and restocking
  • It is difficult to reach all non-end rack pallets by using a forklift.
  • Potential for rack damage from fork trucks as they navigate the narrower passage
  • Disable access to all pallets
  • A racking storage system can be costly enough at the initial stage

Storage rack manufacturer 

We want storage racks which are easy to install, well designed and must be fitted to our requirements. So there are so many storage rack manufacturers in India available but the problem that arises is which manufacturer is best. So 13sqft will solve this problem. it provides you with a digital platform from where you can take services from the best storage racks manufacturer.


As we have seen the pros and cons of shelving and storage racking systems. If you want the services of a warehouse racking and shelving system, so 13sqft is one of the best B2B digital platforms built especially for warehousing, logistics, and cold chain industries, which provides you with the shelving and racking system.

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