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Top 10 Popular Rib Tattoos For Boys And Girls In 2023

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From time immemorial, you can find tattoos being in trend, either for fashion, for some message, as a symbol, or as an identification mark. However, nowadays, tattoos are a major trend among youngsters as it has become a style statement. Therefore, many boys and girls want to have rib tattoos on their bodies.

With time, fashion trends change, and many youngsters are opting for making a tattoo on their ribs. This includes both boys and girls. There are many popular rib tattoo options available for a tattoo lover. The final choice is yours. Which one would you want to have created on your body?

Why Are Rib Tattoos Getting Popular?

If you want a tattoo on your body, you have to make sure that it represents you and your personality as a whole. Apart from that, a tattoo also depicts some symbol or ideal that you might believe in or one that shows your attitude. It can be many things.

With changing times, youngsters have started to care a lot about popularity and show. Hence, they want a tattoo on that part of their body where they can enhance their own appearance and popularity in front of others. That is why the placement of the tattoo is important.

There are a variety of themes based on rib tattoos. It might be religion, a quote on life, human rights, ideals, politics, celebrities, and many more. However, no matter what you create through your tattoo, you will get a simple and attractive one since rib tattoos are considered to be really eye-catching and popular.

A Few Rib Tattoo Designs For Boys And Girls In 2023

If you can endure the pain that follows the creation of the tattoo, you can ink your tattoo, which can give you a strong and powerful appearance in front of your friends. There are a lot of options related to rib tattoos that you can choose from:

1. Feathered Wing Of A Bird

Birds symbolize the ability to fly, which humans find very interesting and fulfilling. Since birds cannot fly without making use of their feathered wing, hence, there is a freedom aspect associated with the wing of a bird. Apart from that, the feathers also represent wisdom, strength, and courage, which are essential traits in any successful person.

2. Quote Or A Verse On The Side Rib

One of the most popular rib tattoos includes inking your favorite quote. Along with the location of the, too, it can depict deep meaning for you. It can be your favorite quote from a movie, your favorite song lyrics, your favorite poem, and many more.

3. The Catcher Of Dreams

The dream catcher depicts an entity that filters out bad dreams from your mind so that you get a good sleep at night. It is very popular among boys and girls that believe in mythical stories and beliefs. Apart from that, the complex details that come with the tattoo also make it stands out.

4. Inking An Animal On The Rib

Many boys and girls ink their favorite animal on their ribs to depict their character and spirit. Apart from that, you can also ink an animal based on what it symbolizes, and you can make it your ideal in life. For example, you can ink a wolf to represent bonding and loyalty, a lion to represent royalty and a strong attitude, etc.

5. Snake Depiction On The Rib

Although snakes are depicted in different manners in different parts of the world. This is because a snake symbolizes different meanings in different cultures. For example, snakes are considered demonic in the west, while it is considered a healer and rebirth in many eastern cultures. So make sure that you represent the snake in the right manner.

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6. The Cross On The Ribs

If you are religious and love the Cross, you can depict your faith with the tattoo of the Cross of Jesus Christ on your ribs. It is one of the most well-loved tattoos that are found among many celebrities as well. You can also ink the Cross to indicate love and goodness and the will to remain on the right path.

7. Religious Verse On The Rib

Inking religious verses has also become a major trend among the youth. Based on your religion and your faith in a verse that you believe to be true, you can ink it with various designs. For example, a simple Bible verse written in cursive or an ancient Sanskrit verse written in Devanagari script is very popular.

8. Dragon Tattoo On The Rib

The dragon represents ferociousness, respect, and power. Inking the dragon on your ribs will enable you to depict the passion and fearlessness that is present inside you. The shape of the dragon also makes it a good choice to ink it on the ribs. Apart from that, you can use different colors to show different meanings.

9. A Simple Rose Tattoo

The rose is full of symbolism, as it represents a balance between beauty and pain, where beauty is signified by the rose petals, while the thorns signify pain and suffering. You can also use different colors to depict different meanings.

10. Roman Numerals On The Rib

The roman numerals never go out of fashion. It was popular among earlier generations too. You might depict your favorite number through the numerals. Additionally, it can be a date you want to remember always or a number that represents you. Along with it, you can also add small images to make it even more attractive.

Final Thought

Since a tattoo is permanent and is very hard to remove, make sure that the tattoo you ink on your body is a full representation of yourself. Hence, think it over, and ink the best tattoo that will be your companion throughout your life.

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