PNG Full Form | What is the Full Form and Use of PNG?

PNG Full Form | What is the Full Form and Use of PNG?

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As we know, in today’s modern era, everyone is connected to the Internet, whether it is a child, a grown-up, or a young man, everyone is completely connected to the Internet. Today everyone uses the internet either for some work or just to spend their time. Everyone is becoming modern in this world of the internet, be it, children or adults. Nowadays in this world of the internet, there is a lot of mourning among people for photo editing. Everyone wants to make their photos better and put them on their social media account, Jockey depends on the format of the photo. And if we talk about the format of the photo, then there are two types of formats in it, JPG and PNG, probably you must have read about these two formats somewhere, and probably you must have heard about JPG and PNG full form, these two images There are file formats. But in both these formats, PNG format is mostly used. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to use PNG format because PNG format is best for changing the background photo.

You have read so much about PNG and now you must be thinking that what is the full form of PNG. PNG Full Form in Hindi. So let us know through this article what is the full form of PNG.

What is the full form of png?

The full form of PNG is Portable Network Graphics. PNG format is being used more than JPG format because it has many advantages. PNG is used to remove the background of graphical photos, banners, cards, and photos. It has many advantages and uses, about which we will read further.

Advantages of PNG (Portable network graphics)

Do you know or want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of PNG, then let us know what are the advantages and disadvantages of PNG “Portable network graphics”.

  • PNG appears to us as a good image format.
  • PNG is used to create photo comics, news, articles, photoshop, design, etc., or to make them more attractive. And, cards are also made by it.
  • In PNG format, we can reduce the size of our photo and make it our own.
  • Big companies use PNG format to make their logo because it is a very good format to make logos.
  • PNG format is mostly used in making 2D cartoons.
  • With the help of PNG, we can easily increase or decrease the brightness of any photo we have created.
  • In PNG format, we also get the feature of image transparency, which is one of its best features.
  • No format other than PNG is used to remove the garden background. Because, with its help, removing background has become a game of jokes that even a child can do with it.
  • Resizing a photo in PNG does not affect its quality.

Disadvantages of PNG

  • In PNG, you cannot keep more than one photo in one folder.
  • We cannot use animation in PNG format photos. Because the PNG format does not support animation.

What is the difference between jpeg and png?

  • Increasing or reducing the size of a photo in JPG results in a loss of quality of the photo. While resizing the photo in PNG does not make any difference to its quality.
  • JPG format is used for simple photos, using PNG you can completely change the photo, add graphics to it, and much more.
  • With the JPG format, we cannot make the background of a photo transparent because it does not support transparency, unlike PNG which supports transparency.
  • JPG is used for photography while PNG is used for graphics to create photos.

All these differences are seen in JPG and PNG in general, overall, JPG is only used for photography and storing a photo. While PNG has many more modern uses than we just read about.

PNG full form

Although PNG full form is Portable Network Graphics, which we know as Image Format, there are many other full forms of PNG, whose list is present below. So let’s know what is the other PNG full form.


Through this article, we have told you what is PNG in full form and what are its advantages and disadvantages and how is it different from JPG. I hope that you have liked the information given by us, and I also hope that you have got something to learn from this article of ours.

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