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Play To Earn And Learn To Earn- Opening A New Window To The Future Of Gamefi and Edufi

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There were days when people had to do several things to make money and the reason for this was primarily because of the sole fact that money is the most important resource. The funny fact is that the more one leans or the more knowledge that one gains it helps in the advent of making money. This has now been changing and will continue to change given that now people consider experience as the key selling point which actually makes a lot of sense. Apart from that, there are several new streams of revenue considering that the world has been evolving and the fact that now everything has changed so massively, it comes across as no surprise that now we are being paid to earn. 

In some ways, it is a good thing because of the fact that it adds a motivational aspect to the entire process. The reason for this might probably be because these days kids are more into making money and purchasing expensive goods. This is something inevitable because of the way things have started becoming overpriced, but also at the same time, there are several different things based on the involvement of web3. Apart from that, there is also the involvement of NFTs but more on that as we dive further into the topic. However, one thing is for sure this will have large-scale implications.

How It Works

The application of blockchain technology in our daily lives has dramatically increased. It’s getting more and more crucial to have a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and cryptographic assets, especially in the tech sector. This also includes the fact that the education sector has taken some drastic moves as well which is quite amazing. The idea is to use the blockchain and the crypto to implement Edufi. This is something revolutionary given that there has not been any sort of the massive change in the department of education. Even more so it makes sense because Web3 endorses the use of blockchain as well as any product or service related to that.

Lack of motivation is a serious and urgent issue. According to a 2003 National Research Council report on motivation, up to 40% of high school students are persistently disengaged from their studies.

Better standards, curriculum, and instruction are unlikely to benefit students who are uninterested, distracted, or who put little effort into their studies unless schools, instructors, and parents take action to address their lack of motivation. Now there is no need to worry about that as well because that too will be covered by Web3 by allowing users or students to earn as they learn. This model has been implemented in gaming creating a new segment called NFT P2E games and it has completely revolutionized the P2E domain as well so why not the educational sector as well?

P2E or L2E- The Complete Breakdown

P2E was a sector of gaming that was previously based on luck completely and was not something that many would try to venture into. The reason for this is quite simple. The fact that one could win big is quite appealing but the fact that one could lose big is also something one would have to consider the likely odds. NFTs have added the element of change by getting rid of the luck factor and making it a skill-orientated thing. Which in turn actually revived the entire segment and also made it something that was investible. This made it easy for users to take part in the games and earn at the same time while having fun.

Edfi is also quite an interesting thing as well. Initially, this something several people frowned upon given motivation was fine but monetary means made it seem bad. However, in today’s time and age it is seen as something revolutionary as the cost of living, the price of goods, and so many different things have changed massively. Apart from that NFTs and cryptocurrency have also made their way into this market and have become the medium through which fellow users of the P2E platform or the L2E platform earn through. Now there are much Play to Earn NFT marketplaces as well, especially ones that cater to both the gaming and the educational sector.


So to conclude, one has to understand that the blockchain is the future and this is no fad because the Web3 that we are looking forward to so eagerly has the base as the blockchain. It is quite reasonable to say that the blockchain and the NFTs that have become a term that we hear on a regular basis have now slowly started integrating themselves within the things that we are already accustomed to. This isn’t the first time but it surely isn’t the last either so yes P2E and L2E are both viable things and will go on to be crucial elements of the future.

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