Pimple Problems You Didn’t Know About

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You may have ninety-nine problems, and half of them may be related to your pimple problems. Pimples, also known as acne, form when your skin’s oil secretor become overactive and your pores become inflamed. Certain skin bacteria can cause pimples.

 Pimples can appear anywhere on our skin, but they are most common on the face and it’s time to see the best dermatologist. Considering the harsh comments people usually give, having pimple problems can be painful for some people.

Pimples on the face are itchy and painful, forcing you to scratch at them, leading to scarring. Pimple scars are the most common problem experienced by the majority of teenagers. These signs remind you of uninvited guests that pop up at any time. Although using home remedies can reduce your pimple problems, it is advisable to consult the best dermatologist in Lahore to get proper advice.

Causes of Pimple Problems

People who have lungs are considered unhealthy which is completely wrong. It’s completely natural to have pimples, but if you have a lot of them, it can be a problem. There are many reasons why pimples can be a problem.

Pimples caused by heat

Heat causes acne, called heat acne or sweat acne. A heat rash usually appears as a small, raised, pus-filled pimple. Sweat clogs the pores leading to pimples. The treatment for mild heat rash is to avoid excessive heat exposure. Once your skin cools down, your rash will clear up. It’s time to visit the best dermatologist in Lahore or any skin doctor.

Constipation due to the consumption of mangoes

Summers are not complete without mangoes. The amount of mangoes is not enough. But eating too much of them can lead to pimples. Mangoes are high in carbohydrates, which makes them high in the glycemic index. This means they can raise blood glucose and insulin levels. According to research, excess insulin is a major cause of acne. So does this mean you have to cut the mango? Not. Limit your consumption so that your insulin levels don’t spike.

Pimples caused by hormones

Hormonal imbalance is a widespread cause of pimples. If testosterone increases in women, it leads to increased sebum production. This sebum mixes with dirt and bacteria on the skin and clogs the pores, thus causing acne. Hormonal changes during puberty also cause acne, especially on the cheeks, chin, and T-zone. Sometimes, pimples can grow and become very painful cystic acne.

Pimples due to gastrointestinal distress

The stomach plays an important role in the health of our body. Digesting food using acidic properties is very important. However, if stomach acids become unbalanced, it can cause maldigestion. This improper digestion leads to acne or pimple breakouts. The accretion of toxins in the body can also cause constipation. Also, people with gluten intolerance are likely to have pimple problems.

Spots due to diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health problem that causes acne. In diabetes, the hormone insulin, which breaks down glucose, is out of balance. This imbalance leads to an increase in blood sugar. Studies show that excess insulin production leads to pimple problems. Eating foods with a high glycemic index increases blood sugar, which results in skin problems.

Pumps due to lack of water

You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s true; Dehydration causes pimples. Many studies show that dry skin leads to the overproduction of oil that clogs pores. It is often mistakenly believed that dry skin does not produce oil, which is completely wrong. It produces oil and causes breakouts, especially on the forehead and near your ears. If you notice the presence of pimples in these places, then you can prefer the top skin specialist in Lahore or a dermatologist.

Pimples due to irregular periods

Irregular periods can indicate an underlying condition of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a major hormonal imbalance in women that causes excessive hair growth, dark skin, and acne. Increased testosterone causes problems with pimples that can grow and cause inflammation. Hormonal therapy is used to solve this problem.

Pimples caused by impure blood

Blood is an important part of our body. It moves around and transports oxygen and nutrients. If the blood becomes impure for any reason, it can cause many health problems. According to research, one of the causes of impurity in the blood can be excessive consumption of junk food. Impure blood can also cause acne on the face and other parts of the body. Pimples are a nuisance. They can pop up unexpectedly and ruin your otherwise perfect day.

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