Online Sports Gaming brand Exchmarket collaborates with Moj to create buzz around #ApnaScoreBanao

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India’s No.1 online sports gaming has collaborated with the leading video creator app Moj for the #ApnaScoreBanao campaign to host the hashtag challenge on the app to add colors to the ongoing IPL season. To no surprise, the campaign has created a huge buzz among all cricket and sports enthusiasts all over the country. The campaign has gone so viral that it has accumulated over 1.2 billion plays on the app with an average of 250k views.

What Moj has done here is nothing short of magic. They have designed an Augmented Reality filter using body-tracking technology. It is created in such a way that any cricket enthusiast would fall head-over-heels to its impeccable design. When a person opens the filter, he or she will get to see a cricket pitch with them on the batting end. All they need to do is to judge the ball and simply turn their head onto the side they want the ball to be hit. With each hit, they can garner as many runs as they want. This particular innovation that Moj has created helped the brand boost user-generated content and, thereby, the popularity of the campaign.

People often associate Exchmarket with sports and fun, therefore, the hashtag #Apnascorebanao was the most brilliant thing to do during the IPL season. People could immediately associate the Moj filter and the hashtag with Exchmarket’s identity. People around the country are always looking for such entertainment throughout the IPL therefore, without a second thought, millions of users participated. The campaign was widely celebrated and users were happy and satisfied to score runs as their idols do on the pitch. The hashtag campaign was an instant success.

Famous Moj creators and influencers such as Jyoti Kohli, Kavita Solanki, and others were roped in to increase the interaction and further motivate the fired-up users to produce quirky, fun, and entertaining material. This was the most crucial thing for a sports gaming brand like Exchmarket to pull off to catch the pulse of the constantly evolving GenZ. It was important to tap into the social media rabbit hole to connect with the Indian youth and generate a buzz. This is something that brands often do to stand out in the highly competitive and cutthroat market. Short videos and reels have been proven very impactful in the area of marketing to deliver powerful messages in a short time.

This campaign here is an example of how brands can successfully find their place in the ever-evolving market. All you need to do is to understand the market and tap into it even if you feel a little hesitant towards the ideas at first.

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