furniture moving company in Dubai
furniture moving company in Dubai

Obligations Of Movers For Transport

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The movers have the obligation to transport the furniture within the agreed time and to deliver it. And there are furniture moving company in Dubai  in the state in which it was at the start of the move.

Delivery delays

If you suffer damage due to the mover not respecting the scheduled dates. You are entitled to compensation unless the delay is due to a case of force majeure. A snowstorm preventing any movement, for example. 

On the other hand, a breakdown of the truck on the fixed day does not constitute a case of force majeure. In order to obtain compensation, proof of the damage must be provided. These may include additional costs, such as the need to stay in a hotel or/and to buy spare linen. 

Provide all invoices, the amount of compensation corresponding exactly to the costs incurred.

Losses And Damage.

Apart from damage to the buildings, the mover is responsible for the furniture and objects transported. Knowing however that he does not assume responsibility for jewelry, coins and precious objects. 

Upon receipt of the furniture and boxes, check their condition and open any that appear damaged. If the carriers have packed fragile items, be present when unpacking. If everything seems in order, you will discharge the mover on the delivery note. Under the heading “declaration of end of work” indicating that you have no reservations. 

In the event of loss, damage or degradation, detailed reservations must be entered on said declaration. Vague formulas such as “subject to unpacking” or “subject to damage” have no value.

Confirm the damage by mail to the mover and encrypt it. If you notice any after his departure or if he disputes them, you have ten calendar days from the move to send him. By registered letter, your reasoned protests. After this period, you can no longer act unless the procedure to follow is not mentioned on the delivery note since. In this case, you have three months.


It is based on the proven material damage within the limits of the amounts of cover specified in the removal contract.

If the entire load is destroyed, the compensation paid will be limited to the maximum amount entered. For certain objects, it is calculated on the replacement value after deduction of a coefficient of obsolescence. 

In case of force majeure, fault of the customer or a third party, the carrier is not liable for compensation. For example, if your goods were damaged because you filled the boxes incorrectly or during a traffic. Accident for which the mover is not responsible. On the other hand, if he has committed a gross fault (the truck has been left unattended and the load has been stolen). The contractual limitations do not come into play.

In the event of a dispute , rather than an appeal before the magistrate’s court or the tribunal de grande instance. Contact the Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement (73, rue Jean-Lolive, 93108 Montreuil Cedex) if the company is a member. It will intervene on condition that you waive legal proceedings.

What Are The Different Moving Formulas?
There are no standardized formulas, and the names used are multiple: “economy class”, “standard”. “luxury”, “traditional”, “dynamic”, “comfort”, “category 1”, etc. Generally, companies practice three levels of service. 

At the first level, the customer is responsible for a maximum of operations (dismantling, packaging, unpacking, reassembly). The company limiting its intervention to loading, transport and unloading. In the second formula, the customer’s participation is limited to the easiest operations (packing linen and books, etc.). In the third, the company takes care of everything.

 If you are moving long distance (more than 100 km), the professional can offer you groupage. Thich lowers the price, if you have a small volume to move, if you are flexible in your dates. The costs (transport, vehicle rental, etc.) are shared between different customers.

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