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Seven Things You Should Know About Newton Jewelry Stores

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When buying jewelry, you must know more than just what kind of jewelry you want. You must also understand what you should expect from Newton jewelry stores before selecting the type of jewelry you want. There is no more incredible feeling than purchasing the kind of jewelry you want at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for jewelry to celebrate a special occasion or want to reward yourself with simple jewelry, getting the best jewelry from a trustworthy jeweler is the way to go. 

What Things Make Newton Jewelry Stores Great?

If you want to get the best jewelry pieces in any jewelry store, there are several things you need to find out about the store. Failure to research and discover what a jewelry store offers may lead to buying counterfeit jewelry products that are not worth your time and money.
Besides finding jewelry stores in Newton online, you must also ask around. Ask close friends, jewelry experts, or some of your colleagues who are conversant with all kinds of jewelry pieces. They will help you make the right choice when buying beautiful jewelry. There are several things you are likely to like about jewelry needham ma, as follows:

1. Newton jewelry stores offer reputable jewelry products and services

Before buying a jewelry piece from a jewelry store, you need to check the store’s reputation. The best way to find this information is to go through forums if the store has a community. The community has genuine users who are unafraid to talk about their experience with jewelry stores. You can also get this information through customer reviews on their website. If the positive reviews are more than negative, the store is reliable. It has a good reputation; you can count on them to offer the best jewelry. Highly rated reviews show that the jewelry store is trustworthy. You can go ahead and buy your jewelry piece or pieces. The best places to find credible customer reviews include yelp, social media pages, and Google. 

2. Highly trained staff and certified jewelry products

Various institutions and labs are authorized to check and certify jewelry products from jewelry needham ma. Among them is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This is the most credible lab for issuing jewelry stores certification. Most jewelry stores have GIA-trained staff. Their staff can curate and design jewelry products according to GIA standards. Among these stores are Alex and Company jewelers.
Being a premier gemological institute globally, GIA can grade jewelry and offer extensive educational programs about jewelry, especially gemstones. Certification from GIA helps to elevate jewelry stores to world-class standards. Transparency, credibility, and legitimacy are attributes of a jewelry store affiliated with GIA. 

3. Newton Jewelry Stores Offer jewelry appraisal services.

Another great thing about Newton jewelry stores is that most of them provide jewelry appraisal services. This is an essential service because it lets you know your jewelry piece’s correct value. It helps those who want to insure their jewelry pieces to get replacements with the same value as their lost, damaged, or stolen jewelry pieces. Most diamond engagement rings are seen as investments. Jewelry appraisal services also help jewelry sellers get the correct value for their jewelry pieces. 

4. Ethical business practices

When looking for jewelry Needham MA, you must check whether the store participates in ethical and safe practices. It maintains high levels of best practices when transacting with clients. Good or ethical business practices also include fair labor, mining metals with sustainable processes, and using conflict-free diamonds. It treats employees with dignity and the highest degree of care and respect. 

5. Jewelry repair and restoration services are done on-site.

Jewelry stores offering repair and jewelry restoration services should perform those on-site. Repairs done in the facility mean the customer can track and monitor to ensure they are correctly done. If the jewelry restoration requires off-site maintenance, the provider should be honest enough to state that before repairs begin. 

6. Offer custom design jewelry.

Custom design jewelry pieces refer to jewelry created according to the customer’s specifications. It offers customers custom-designed jewelry made to meet the customer’s needs. Alex and Company have master jewelers with years of experience ready to develop unique jewelry pieces according to clients’ requirements. 

7. Offer a wide selection of fine jewelry.

Jewelry needham ma provides clients with a wide selection of fine jewelry for customers to choose from. Jewelry pieces available at Alex and Co. include stylish earrings, stunning diamond engagement rings, and beautiful necklaces. Some metals used to make wedding bands include gold, white gold, silver, and platinum. 


When seeking jewelry pieces at Newton jewelry stores, these are some of the things that you are going to experience. Alex and Company have a rich heritage of jewelry-designing experience that comes from years of crafting unique custom design jewelry. Besides jewelry restoration and repair services, jewelry by Alex also offers jewelry appraisal services that allow customers to get the actual value of the jewelry pieces. You can use this to insure your jewelry pieces. 

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