Netgear Router Won’t Broadcast WiFi

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Getting a Netgear router installed in the house is no less than gifting yourself access to a super-duper fast internet connection. But, doesn’t the entire Netgear router setup process seem pointless if the router won’t broadcast WiFi? Well, we can understand your pain. Keeping that in mind, we have penned down this post where we’ll share some tips that will tell you what to do if your Netgear router won’t broadcast WiFi. Read on.

Fixed: Netgear Router Broadcast WiFi

1. Ensure a Stable Power Supply

Let’s begin with the basic troubleshooting tip of ensuring a stable power supply to the Netgear router. This is to inform you that an unstable power supply can result in the not working issue. Thus, first of all, keep an eye on the power source chosen to turn on the router. If it is capable of not supplying non-fluctuating electricity to the WiFi router, then you are supposed to get it repaired. In case you are in hurry, the option of making use of another power source is always available at hand.

2. Reboot the Router

Sometimes all your router needs is a reboot to revive its performance. The fact is not hidden that every networking device in the digital realm can fall victim to a technical glitch. And, your Netgear router falls under the same category. Thus, without any delay, resolve technical glitches by rebooting your Netgear device. For this purpose, turn off the power supply to the router or simply pull its plug out of the wall socket. Thereafter, wait for some time and re-power it after connecting it back to the power source. Now, check if the router broadcasts its WiFi or not. If not, then you are free to take the help of the next troubleshooting technique.

3. Reposition the Router

Repositioning the device can also help you fix the router won’t broadcast the WiFi issue. Chances are that the current location of your router is bottlenecked. What we mean is that your Netgear router is surrounded by heavy electrical appliances, metal objects, reflexive surfaces, or objects containing a large amount of water. Therefore, you are supposed to take your Netgear wireless router away from all of these factors. Additionally, avoid keeping your WiFi router near direct heat sources (sunlight, home furnaces, etc.).

4. Connect Your WiFi Devices Properly

No connection or a poor connection between your WiFi devices (router and modem) can result in the Netgear router won’t broadcast the WiFi issue. Thus, your next aim should be to maintain a stable connection between both devices. However, this action needs to be taken by the source of connection holding both devices together. If a wireless source is used, you need to place both devices at an optimal distance. In other words, neither too close nor too far. In case a wire has been used by you, then ensure that it is not damaged from any point.

5. Update the Firmware

Your Netgear router won’t be able to broadcast its WiFi network if the firmware on which it is operating has become outdated. For your information, the firmware decides the overall performance of the Netgear wireless router. Thus, you should keep it updated to keep major and minor issues related to the router at bay. The firmware can be simply updated by accessing the Netgear router login window, logging in to the router, and clicking the Firmware Update option under the Administration menu. However, if you want, you can also download the firmware file separately and upload it on the dashboard of the Netgear wireless router. But, the condition is that the firmware file must match the model number of your WiFi device. Additionally, the firmware update process should not be disturbed in between.

Final Words

The Netgear router won’t broadcast WiFi issues and can halt internet access on several WiFi devices. Therefore, we tried to cover the maximum techniques to get rid of it in this post. However, if luck doesn’t seem to favor you even after the implementation of the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks, you can take the major step of resetting the WiFi router to the default factory settings.

Doing so will help in erasing the NVRAM of the Netgear router. But, do you know how to do that? Simply, press the Reset button on the router and you’re all done. The issue will be gone forever and you’ll get a chance to configure your Netgear router again. Thus, access the default web address i.e., and set up your wireless device from the very beginning.

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