Moves Management Software – Is It A Prerequisite for Nonprofits?

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The prime objective of any nonprofit organization is to cultivate & foster relationships with donors. While fundraising software for nonprofits can manage funding processes, what about increasing the donor base? Can a software solution handle this task?

The most frustrating part is the manual tasks involved for professionals to identify prospective donors & turning them into repeat donors. And that’s where the importance of implementing a moves management system for nonprofits comes into being.

Are you a fundraising expert working in this nonprofit industry? You must learn different ways to increase your donors’ interest in the nonprofit. And only a moves management system can give you a good start.

Introducing What Moves Management Is All About

Moves management is the systematic strategy that helps identify prospective donors. A well-crafted management system helps the organization get steady gifts from donors. A nonprofit needs a move management system because it is invaluable for the organization’s donor engagement & retention.

The concept of moves management is to build a process that breaks down the steps involved in any donor relationship. Note that nonprofits only create spreadsheets &policies for volunteers and staff to follow. With every intricate step, the results get tracked effectively.

In most cases, the nonprofit organization creates policies to strengthen relationships with prominent donors. The prime objective is to find a potential donor with a considerable donating capacity or increase the current donors’ gifts. Both options may be advantageous for the nonprofit firm.

What Should An Organization Consider before Selecting A Customized Moves Management System?

Donor cultivation needs a lot of patients, a solid strategy, and attention to detail for maximum results. For a nonprofit, donors are the most significant assets that facilitate their journey from being a mere prospect to becoming a lifetime donor. However, every engagement throughout the cycle results in one step closer to the required funding.

A move management system can develop a stronger donor relationship. But with this type of fundraising, timing has an integral role. A few stages might take longer based on the donor type. So, understanding the donor life cycle is fundamental before formulating a moves management tactic.

Stage 1 – The Acquisition Phase

The acquisition phase is everything about the people who have earlier donated and are ideal for the support. Creating a prospect persona is the foundation step to evaluating such people and finding them out.

Stage 2: The Retention Phase

Soon after they make the first donation, the nonprofit will receive the gift. After this, the prospect becomes the donor. However, the entire donor cycle is not yet complete. The relationship between the donor and nonprofit grows in the retention phase.

Stage 3: The Upgrade Phase

With time, a nonprofit organization wishes to transform its one-time donors into repeat donors who offer annual donations and gifts. That’s where the role of a strong moves management system comes into being. If you want to secure your future legacy gifts, now is the right time to choose the software.

What Does The Moves Management System Involve?

Moves management is the process that nonprofit staff takes to develop donors. And the donor development task becomes easier with a sought-after software solution. Below are the aspects robust moves management software always includes:

  • Identification

The process involves discovering new giving opportunities amongst companies, foundations, and individuals.

  • Qualification

A software solution automates the qualification process, meaning no risks of human error are involved. One can conduct initial research to evaluate the prospect’s likelihood of donating to the organization. Here, the top parameters to note down are philanthropic giving &interests, foundation affiliations, and financial capacities.

  • Discovery

After the tool gives an insight into the comprehensive profile of new prospective donors, the nonprofit can make initial contacts.

  • Cultivation

With the help of the system, you can build relationships with prospective donors. In addition, you can also educate them about your goals. All in all, the app allows you to build comprehensive prospect profiles accordingly.

  • Solicitation

Solicitation is the process that encompasses the presentation of an evidence-based and well-informed gift to your prospect.

  • Stewardship

The last step is stewardship. Upon securing the new donor, the nonprofit needs to express gratitude for the contribution. After this, it continues to foster a strong relationship by showing the gift impacts.

How Does a Moves Management Solution Benefit a Nonprofit?

For nonprofits, moves are effective actions that turn prospective donors into first-time donors, and eventually to repeat donors. Every move is a progression in a donor’s lifecycle.

So, a moves management strategy can be valuable to any nonprofit organization if implemented strategically. In fact, when implemented correctly, moves management can offer the following benefits to any nonprofit:

  • Allows the organization to identify where the donors are in a lifecycle
  • The donor is central to the system, and this software solution cultivates relationships with prospects and existing donors
  • The solution also secures large gifts, including planned ones and year-end gifts too
  • The system offers fundraising efforts with a comprehensive process that engages donors
  • The system gives a nonprofit’s staff an opportunity to formulate a strategic process to foster and engage donor relationships
  • The system comprises clear “moves,” so it helps nonprofit staff members to pinpoint the activities they are working on and ones they should not consider

Top Features to Look for When Choosing the Moves Management Software Solution

Whether you own a nonprofit or are a staff member, you have a fundamental role. An important part of your job is to look for prospective donors and improve relationships with them. Moves management tool helps you accomplish the goal. Here are the top features you need to look for when choosing the software:

1. Mobile Responsiveness

Digital fundraising has become quite important these days as it mitigates the risks of human errors besides other benefits. The most significant trait of a solid software solution is its mobile responsiveness. That means you should be able to view the software from the mobile as well.

This increases donations by around 30%, simplifying their tasks of giving gifts from their phone. Not to forget, they have digital payment apps installed on their smartphone, making the job more seamless.

2. Speediness

There are a lot of complex tasks associated with nonprofits. Some of them include segmenting donors, creating digital donation forms, downloading direct mail solicitations, or automating emails. With a moves management solution, the job of automating emails gets simplified.

3. Additional Features

A moves management solution should allow for viewing the volunteer activities. Besides, it must include a design that your volunteers, supporters, and staff would love by including a minimalist and modern interface alongside an intuitive user experience.

The software solution enables digital volunteer registration and automates assignment and orientation. Besides, communication becomes easier with the volunteers once you have such a software application for your nonprofit.

You can easily keep them inspired and engaged. Besides, you can easily identify the volunteers’ achievements and make them feel more valued.

A Few Guidelines to Consider When Using a Moves Management Tool

  • You need to connect to donors at all stages
  • Maintain a clear donor database by recording every communication & updating and merging duplicate records
  • Become familiar with the donors and their gift lifecycles

It takes a lot of effort and time for a nonprofit staff member to transform a prospect into a committed, long-term donor. The whole process can be strenuous and daunting. To ensure the utmost success rates, nonprofits employ several actions and tactics to move prospects through the complete donor cultivation cycle.

The whole process is the moves management. And implementing an application for this purpose will be extremely beneficial for the business. It encompasses the actions the team will take to turn the prospect into a committed donor. While moves management sounds daunting, it involves actionable steps to propel the fundraising program forward.

So, are you planning to integrate the best software system to increase your organization’s donor base? Seek a solution from a company that offers all the functionalities you require, such as moves management, online fundraising, and donor management software for nonprofits.


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