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Modern Solutions for RWA Applying Society Management Software

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Society Management Software is a one-stop solution for the Resident Welfare Association. Getting the entire society’s insight just in one platform makes their work even easier. The Facility Manager struggles to keep eye on entire issues and requirements at a time.  Society maintenance needs continuous monitoring along with keeping updates. Residents do reach out to the Resident Welfare association for any kinds of disruptions faced in society. Connecting the entire housing complex is next to impossible without vigorous communication. The Society Management software establishes the processes in a connection that reaches each resident and bridges the communication gap between Resident Welfare Association and residents.   

What is the primary definition of a Resident Welfare Association?

People who are living in a housing complex or specific urban society need a representative to hear them out and assist. The Association keeps up with the basics of society maintenance, complaint management, and staff management. Assisting with the day-to-day issues of the residents, society event management, and organization, and facility management is also the part of roles and responsibilities of the Resident Welfare Association. The huge numbers of families living together in a housing society need smart management and continuous support for spontaneous living. Therefore, Resident Welfare Association is becoming an integral part of housing societies. Apartment Management Software is imminently helping the Resident Welfare Association to maintain these duties.  

The association is non-governmental though it requires government registration for proper recognition as it also deals with various legal matters of the housing society. Various legal benefits can also be included in society with the help of a registered Resident Welfare Association. 

The general roles and responsibilities of the Resident Welfare Association? 

The primary objective of a Resident Welfare society is to build a good infrastructure of living in the housing complex for the public interest. To accomplish it the first job of the RWA is to collect maintenance charges from every single resident of the housing society. The key responsibilities are maintained by the designated role of the members. The main members are President, Treasurer, Secretary, and facility managers. Every role is primarily concerned with keeping a healthy environment in the housing society. 

The role of  the president and how does the Society Management Software assists?

The president is the authority of the Resident welfare association.

  • The words from the President are the final word before any decision is being enrolled for the entire housing society.
  • The purchase order raised from the society management needs to be finalized by the president first. Society Management Software provides the entire list of inventory and assets along with required documents. The president can check the needful before raising the final purchase order.
  • The final signatory of Meeting Minutes is the president. The apartment management system has the feature to record MOMs. The Presidents can check it from the software and finalize the decision.
  • It is also time-saving and cost-saving for the Resident Welfare Association. 
  • Finally, they maintain the overall assurance that the residents are not facing any day-to-day trouble. They also oversee the expenses in the society and ensure that the fund is going for good and proper use also.  Performing the entire administrative tasks is much easier with the apartment management system.

The role of the treasurer and how does the Society Management Software assist?

Management of society funds and overseeing the expenses and income is the key role of the treasurer.

  • The treasurer is mainly burdened with the responsibility of collecting society maintenance charges from the residents. This comes up with the responsibility of generating the invoice after collecting the charges. The Apartment management system generates the invoice following a format of charges breakdown. Entering a few details and auto-generation of the invoice can be done through the software. 
  • The treasurer keeps on modifying the budget plan for the society based on the requirements of the current fiscal year.
  • Keeping the charts of accounts, tracking paid and due taxes, and recording vendor taxes is the key accounting feature of the Society Management Software. The treasurer can easily manage these tasks by using the apartment management system.

The role of the secretary and how does the Society Management Software assist?

Ensuring the association mechanism is going on in an accurate manner is the main task of the Resident Welfare Association secretary.

  • The secretary is expected to keep the Minutes of Meetings and share them with the relevant stakeholders. This task can easily be done through the apartment management system.
  • Ensuring the resident issues are being solved in a timely resolution is provided to those issues is overseen by the secretary. 
  • Getting in touch with the residents and bridging the gap between the RWA president and residents is the key factor of the role of the secretary.

The role of the facility manager and how does the Society Management Software assist?

Facility managers keep on upgrading the service of complaint management.

  • Using the Society Management Software the residents can register their issues and complaints.
  • The apartment management software reaches the facility managers.
  • They resolve the issues based on the severity.
  • Technicians can also be assigned through the Society Management System.
  • Staff management is also one of the tasks of the facility managers. Keeping their alertness level monitoring, entry-exit timing can be completed through the apartment management system.

The Society Management Software is mainly the control center of the entire society’s administrative and accounting system. The vast number of families reside in a housing complex and keeping up with everyone would not be possible without technological advancement. Society Management Software digitalizes the entire management method and keeps the society streamlined with dynamic communication.

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