Mistakes to Avoid when Designing Custom Printed T-Shirts

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T-shirt designing can be a lot of work. All you need is the right material, the designs, and then the printing phase. T-shirts with various designs on them look attractive. Especially custom printed t-shirts are one of the best options for gifting or promotional activities. T-shirts can be a great deal when it comes to event sponsorship or any other promotional event.

Companies can also use custom printed t-shirts as a source of promotion, giveaways to the employee, or to provide them for competition for company representation. T-shirts with good designs drive people to purchase new ones to add to their collections.

People head to branded or online stores to grab the designs they love wearing. But with time passing, custom printed t-shirts trend is increasing worldwide. People nowadays prefer their chosen designs to be printed on shirts that best fit their personalities. It might sound easy, but it isn’t, especially for a newbie.

Apart from partnering with a custom-printed t-shirt company, you can do a few things from your side to avoid having a product less than what you have thought. So, look at the common mistakes to ignore when it comes to t-shirt design.

Mistakes To Avoid

Here are 9 mistakes to avoid for the perfect t-shirt design for promotions.

Using the Wrong Material

There are so many materials available in the market to choose from for your custom-printed t-shirts. The two most popular are cotton and polyester. These fabrics have their benefits but differ in terms of feel, look, and how the fabric will be after washing.

Cotton shirts are more durable and have high breathability. They cause less sweatiness and discomfort. It has a natural appearance, doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin, and is soft and comfortable.

Incorrect placement

Design placement plays a significant role in designing custom-printed t-shirts. It’s not just about placing the design in the middle but also measuring them from every side for proper placement. The best area to place the design is the center of the shirt.

Avoid placing the design on the belly location, as it doesn’t make your t-shirt look cool. Try to stay away from this location and go for the placement in the center on the front or back.

Unattractive Design

Adding too many graphics, text, and a range of colors to your shirt is not a great idea. Include the relevant drawings, keep them simple, and choose the color combination carefully. The main goal is to swiftly spread the message instead of making them hate your brand.

The design should stand out and not ruin the shirt’s significant elements. If the shirt has too much text, then spread it wisely over the shirt, so it doesn’t look messy.

Use of High-Quality Images

After the selection of the design, make sure to check the resolution of the images you choose for printing. A quality image will make your t-shirt look good. It should look good on the screen and the shirt too.

Whether it’s art or an image, it should be in a specific size to look decent on the shirt. Focus on the fonts too. Every font and image should make sense on the t-shirts.

Sizing Issues

One size fits all will not work for some and every time. The shirt size also matters when it comes to t-shirt design. T-shirts for an adult require a more extensive design, but in the case of toddlers, the shirt needs a smaller design.

Try a few samples first before the bulk printing. The front and back of the shirt require great designs, while the sleeves need small ones. Adjust the shirt sizes based on the demands.

Focus on Color Contrast

As we know, contrast means the difference between dark and light elements. It’s a way to increase readability. No one wants a design with no proper appearance on the shirt because of the color contrast.

Color contrast plays a significant role in everything, especially in t-shirt printing. It makes your t-shirt design more appealing and visible which can attract customers.

Use of Outdated Styles

The custom t-shirt’s purpose is to be a hit among the target audience. So, the style should be new and fresh, as no one wants to wear an outdated shirt. Include the designs that are trending, and also focus on the latest fonts and designs.


Keep the cost in mind; you should not jump quickly to order personalized t-shirts. It is necessary to check the budget first. The things mentioned above can create a problem for you once you get the order, as these mistakes also waste time, hard work, and money.

Make sure to see how much money is needed for the t-shirt design and how much needs to spend on the business. Also, see if the design you spend your money on is worth it.

Copyright issues

So many designs are available on the internet, and you can easily take inspiration or copy them. Copying designs of other artists and companies can get you in trouble.

Use the free designs or create your version by using your creative skills. If you see a popular meme and want to print it, you can tweak it and create it with a different style. Although there is no copyright issue when it comes to memes, it’s better to be safe.

Final Thoughts

Custom t-shirts can effectively be used as gifts, promotions, or giveaways. But the main thing that makes them look better is the design and comfort. Knowing about such mistakes can help to save you from a big disaster, and in return, you will get good quality, unique personalized t-shirts

Hope these common mistakes mentioned above help you in the t-shirt printing business. Always research first and then start the design. Good luck with your custom t-shirt printing.

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