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Apple Watch won’t swipe up- Try These Fixes

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We all know that the Apple Watch has plenty of features for the users, but you can access these features such as flashlight, theatre mode, internet connection, etc only when the apple swipe works. And unfortunately, if the Apple watch won’t swipe up or down then you might not be able to reach out to these features and tools of the apple watch. 

Recently there have been many users who are not able to swipe on their apple watches and are wondering why can’t I swipe up on my apple watch, and if you are also one of these users then you are fortunate that you are reading this blog where we are going to tell you ways to fix it. 

Ways to Fix Apple Watch Won’t Swipe Error For The Users – 

Get rid of the screen protector 

If you have installed a screen protector on your watch, it may be the root cause of the problem so you need to remove it from your device and then check if the swipe is working or not. 

Explore a different face 

Sometimes the problem is because of a particular face of the watch, so you should try to use a different watch face and see if the problem you were facing has been eliminated or not. 

Restart your apple watch 

This is a simple yet effective way which is to just restart your apple watch which will fix the bugs and technical malfunctions in the watch fixing the problem of the apple watch swipe not working or you can also force reboot the apple watch you are using. You can do it by the following steps: 

Steps for WatchOS 8 and before:

  • Firstly, your watch should not be connected to the charger.
  • Now, long press the icon that is shown below the side button until the “Power off” button shows on the screen.
  • Then, swipe the “Power off” to switch off your watch.
  • After that long press the side button until the apple icon is shown.

Steps for WatchOs 9:

  • Long press the side button until the icon of “Power off” appears.
  • Swipe the slider to the right.
  • Now, hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. 

Update your watch to the recent version

Many problems are carried through the new updates. New updates can affect your device’s system. So you need to be aware of new updates and update your watch regularly. It can help you to reduce your tech issues. update your app by the following steps: 

  • Firstly, charge your watch more than or upto 50%
  • You need to connect your watch to the internet
  • Then do to the “Settings” app on your watch
  • There choose “Software Update” under “General”
  • If it shows any available updates then click on “Update” 

Hopefully, the solutions we have provided for you in this blog to fix the problem with a swipe on your device were helpful and effective for you. You were able to eradicate the problem you were dealing with a swipe on your watch.  

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