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We pick up the usual fashion magazines every month and are overwhelmed by a tonne of new must-haves. I admit it: I have good self-control and enjoy shopping for new clothes. But occasionally I have to remind myself that I don’t really need everything that I like or that is now “in” right away. Because all you really need to create fresh, lovely looks is a few basic fashion essentials and a few key pieces.

Being fashionable does not mean that one must constantly try on new fashionable pieces from their closet. I intentionally used the word “attempt” because, let’s be honest, have you ever had days where you were unsure of what to wear because there were just too many options?

My outfits, particularly for everyday wear, frequently consist of the same, frequently really simple and schnörkelless, components. Being fashionable and expressing your own personal style are both achievable without breaking the bank and with only a few key pieces and fashion essentials hoodie.


I always go back to the Skinny Jeans because of my love of fashionable and modern cuts. I adore culottes and joggers, boyfriend jeans and statement jeans with sequins and patches, but nothing is as straightforward and honest as a pair of skinny jeans.

She matches almost all tops and shoes, whether they are boots, pumps, or sneakers. I personally find that a black Skinny is the worst all-rounder, thus I always have to have at least one in my lineup.

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