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Pallet Racking

Maximising Space And Efficiency With A Custom Pallet Racking System

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Maximising a warehouse’s space and efficiency is a complex process. First, you must strategize and pick the right pallet racking to fit your needs. If a warehouse has pallets stacked poorly, accidents might occur. This can cost you a lot and waste time, reducing productivity and profitability. However, using a custom racking system will help increase efficiency and maximise space. 

Here are tips to help maximise space and efficiency using custom pallet racking. 

1. Use the vertical spaces to the maximum

Many warehouses have tall ceilings that permit the installation of high racks. Sometimes the vertical space is limited, so always maximise on going upwards. Remember to choose a system that will allow customisation to fit your preferences.  

2. Reduce aisle space

It is possible to maximise space and warehouse efficiency through a custom pallet racking system by reducing the size of the aisles. When you use wide aisles, you are wasting precious space. Sometimes the width is dictated by lift truck manufacturers and local guidelines. However, per the minimum width guidelines, you can put racks close to each. In addition, some racking systems are lean and allow customization of the warehouse while providing adequate space for equipment and workers.

3. Utilise unused space

In a warehouse, sometimes you find unused space. Unfortunately, you cannot afford unused space because the business continues growing. Therefore, ensure each space has a pallet rack; you can even install racks above doors. It will allow getting the most out of the facility, especially if you use custom storage systems.

4. Utilise static and dynamic racks

Warehouses can either have fixed or dynamic storage racks. Dynamic storage racks are a good way to utilise all space and maximise efficiency. Firms sometimes have goods on a first-in, first-out system, and others are rarely moved. A customizable racking system will make running operations easier and faster, boosting productivity. Remember to maximise space; you will have to pick a type of pallet racking that you can customise.

5. Start with longer rows

During the warehouse layout planning stage, always focus on using as much horizontal space to fit the pallet racks. The longer the runs of pallet racks, the more you maximise pallet position reducing cost per position. In addition, if you require more space, you can add more racks on the starter frames. You will get the desired results when you do this with the right type of pallet racking.

6. Analyse goods circulation rate

Higher productivity and maximising space go hand in hand. For productivity to increase, you need to know the circulation rate of goods. It means keeping records of goods stacked on racks, duration of stay and time of retrieval. Once all this is done, you have a pattern of goods that stay long and ones that are retrieved first. It is achievable by using a custom pallet racking system that will allow you to arrange products systematically. Then it will be possible to access goods on demand easily without hassle.

Custom pallet systems come with lots of benefits for your business. First, they allow you to maximise unused space, increasing the storage for goods. In addition, you get more space by installing them, starting with the long rows and reducing the aisle. It works to the best of your interest as it utilises all space and increases efficiency and productivity.

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