Marketing — A Game Of Psychology
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Marketing — A Game Of Psychology

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Fundamentals Of Marketing — Understanding “Marketing” And “Advertising”

The difference between marketing and advertising is one of the best things. Many people think that advertising and marketing are the same concepts where the idea is to sell a certain product or service to customers, but there is a difference between both these terms.

fundamentals of marketing

Traditional Marketing V/S Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to advertising channels like newspapers, hoardings, billboards, televisions, radio, etc. You must be thinking why do we need to do traditional marketing even in this age of the internet, well let me tell you that even though we are living in a digital era where pretty much everything we do from socializing to shopping, from lectures to meetings, from ordering food to booking tickets, is happening online, there is still a segment of people who still use traditional channels to consume information, especially in a country like India where internet penetration has still not reached its peak. Some people still listen to the radio, there are people who still read newspapers instead of consuming the same information on the internet, there are people who still do not watch review videos of products on YouTube but instead go to a local shop and ask about the product features to the salesman in the store. And the fact is, this segment of people makes up a pretty large amount of the total consumers in India and we absolutely cannot ignore this segment.

traditional marketing
digital marketing

Marketing Funnels:

A marketing funnel is a process where you acquire customers (or make sales) in a well-defined and structured manner. It involves making your products or services visible to users on the internet, converting them into leads, and then finally converting them into sales.

Marketing — A Game Of Psychology

Integrated Digital Marketing:

Integrated digital marketing is combining all the components of digital marketing and integrating them in a way that each component complements the other. A lot of people only rely on just one component and expect sales. While it can produce some results, it is not effective digital marketing and will eventually become costly and will not lead to many sales. For example, people only rely on SEO to drive traffic to their website and make sales or they only rely on email marketing and expect sales to happen, but it is not the right way to do things.

Marketing — A Game Of Psychology

Personal Branding:

If you are good at something, people should know about it and only then you can make money. Nobody will buy from you if they don’t know about you even if you are the best in your particular area of expertise. This is why personal branding is very important. People want to talk to people and not brands. Nobody would want to respond to a brand (or a logo) but if they know that they are interacting with a person they would feel valued and appreciated.

personal branding

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