List Of 9 Best Sheep In Video Game History

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Getting sheepish? Sheep are common in farming simulator games, but you can also find them in other types of games, like RPGs and roguelikes. Sheep in video games either look a lot like real sheep and are used as livestock, play up their cutest traits, or give the animal a new look with different designs.

Some games also use mythology in the way the sheep look or how they got there, which makes them more interesting. Whether they’re just ordinary sheep or have something more going on, these animals are always friendly, and when you see them, you’ll be drawn to them.

Every Color Under The Rainbow – Sheep From Minecraft

In Minecraft, sheep are passive mobs that graze in grassy biomes. Because of the game’s blocky graphics, the sheep are square, which makes them different from other sheep designs, which are usually round and fluffy.

The sheep in Minecraft look like they don’t care, as if they don’t have any thoughts. Sheep are usually white, but they can spawn in different colors or be dyed, so you can get wool in different colors from them. The baby sheep look pretty much the same, but their heads are much bigger than their bodies, which is kind of cute.

All The Fluff – Highland Sheep From The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Highland Sheep are shy animals that can be found at stables and in the pasture of Hateno Village in Breath of the Wild. The entry for this animal in the Hyrule Compendium says that they were tamed but came from the mountains. Like real sheep, they have a fluffy fleece that can be used to make clothes and beds when it is harvested.

Even though Highland Sheep aren’t very important on your way to defeat Calamity Ganon, it’s nice to see them when you stop by a stable or Hateno Village, especially because their fluffy wool is so thick.

Friend Shaped – Friendly Yan From Final Fantasy 9

In Final Fantasy 9, the Friendly Yan is an enemy who is part of a side quest called “Friendly Monsters.” In this quest, you have to give nice versions of regular enemies an item in exchange for rewards. Friendly Yan will give you 50 AP and a Rosetta Ring if you give him a diamond.

As a Friendly Monster, this cute-looking creature looks like a sheep and is very friendly. It has a yellow fleece and brown horns that point down. Even though Zidane and the others can attack Friendly Yan, you wouldn’t want to because it looks so cute.

Godly Sheep – Kasugami From Okami

Kasugami is a Celestial Brush god who looks like a sheep. This is because the sheep is the sign of the East Asian zodiac for people born in that year. Like the other gods of the Celestial Brush, Kasugami has red marks on her body and face that show she is a god.

Kasugami has a small part in Okami, but she and the other gods of the Celestial Brush add to the game’s themes about Japanese mythology. Kasugami’s design is also very grand. This is in part because Okami’s art style looks like ink-wash paintings.

A Classic – Sheep From Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

In every book in the Story of Seasons series, there are sheep. They are useful animals because they make wool, which can be turned into yarn and used to make clothes. Sheep are useful on a farm, and when they have a full fleece of wool, they look especially cute. The wool covers their eyes, so you can only see their nose and pink cheeks.

The sheep can also mate and have cute babies called lambs. You’ll want a barn full of them on your farm because they are so sweet.

Judging Ewe – Xiezhai From Megami Tensei Series

In the Megami Tensei games, Xiezhai is a demon that looks like a sheep with a horn like a unicorn’s. In the book that comes with Persona 4, it says that Xiezhai “can see through any lie” and uses its horn to punish bad people. It has been shown in different ways in different games. Sometimes it looks scary, and sometimes it looks cute.

Xiezhai gets its name from a creature in Chinese mythology called a “Xiezhi”. And it looks a lot like that creature. Not only does the creature look the same, but it is also said to have used its powerful horn to punish criminals while leaving the innocent alone.

Devilishly Cute – The Lamb From Cult Of The Lamb

The main character in Cult of the Lamb is called “The Lamb.” They were used as a sacrifice, and The One Who Waits gave them a second chance at life in exchange for starting a cult in his name. You have to decide how to get more people to join the cult and what kind of leader the Lamb will be.

8 Ball Pool game messes with your expectations by having a lamb. Which is usually a symbol of innocence, do bad things. Also, they are the cutest leader of a cult you’ll ever see.

Sporty Sheep – Dom From Animal Crossing

Dom is a sheep villager with a Jock personality. He was first seen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Dom likes to work out and talk about his abs. Which he has jokingly named Abigail, Abdul, Abe, Abby, Abel, and Abner.

Dom looks like a white sheep with reddish-pink ram horns and black eyes that shine. He might be best known for the worried face he makes. Which makes his chin crinkle and his eyes look even more animated than usual. Dom’s house also looks like a farm from the inside. With a bed made of hay and a rug that looks like a grassy field.

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? – Mareep From Pokemon

Mareep is the first fluffy evolution of Ampharos. It is also known as the Wool Pokemon. The name Mareep comes from the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “sheep.” Because it is an Electric type, its wool coat is full of static electricity. Even though you might want to pet it, you would probably get a shock if you did.

In the Pokemon world, its fleece is used to make clothes, just like real-world sheep. However, Ultra Sun says that “a special process” is used to get rid of the static electricity. Mareep is a cute Pokemon with a great idea that is simple but works well.


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