Key Tactics to Fix Slow Internet Issues with Netgear Extender

Key Tactics to Fix Slow Internet Issues with Netgear Extender

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Slow internet issues is something that is hated by every networking person. The problem is more irritating when occurs in relation to the Netgear extender. After all, you didn’t perform a Netgear extender setup to access a patchy internet connection. Did you? Well, now it’s time to look forward and learn how to resolve the intermittent or slow internet issue with the Netgear range extender. Thus, read on.

How to Fix Slow Internet Issue with Netgear Extender?

Before you give a shot at any of the tactics mentioned above, we would like to tell you that restarting the range extender regularly can work wonders in your favor. It is because rebooting is a proven solution to fix technical glitches with any networking device. However, if rebooting is your regular practice and you’re still facing the patchy internet connection problem, the hacks given below are at your rescue.

Tip 1: Perform Netgear Firmware Update

Firmware updates are meant to provide a performance boost to your Netgear wireless range extender. It means if you’re ignoring a pending firmware update of your WiFi device, you’ve left the door open for the slow internet issue. And, how can you forget that firmware updates improve the security of the extender? With that said, consider updating the Netgear firmware before it gets too late. The firmware update process can be carried out simply by visiting and clicking the Firmware Update option after logging in to the extender. However, you are also free to upload the firmware file manually on the extender. The condition is that you don’t proceed with the incorrect firmware file.

Tip 2: Position the Extender Properly

The way your Netgear extender is positioned also determines the level of performance it will deliver. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to position the extender in the most appropriate manner. In other words, the location of your extender should be selected considering WiFi interference factors. FYI, WiFi interference-creating factors are those objects or devices that do not let the signals get transmitted properly. Some of the factors that are capable of blocking your Netgear extender’s wireless signals are televisions, radios, microwave ovens, refrigerators, baby monitors, treadmills, Bluetooth speakers, lenses, mirrors, glasses, fish tanks, geysers, etc.

Tip 3: Use a Hardwired Connection

Wired connections are incompatible when it comes to providing reliable data transfer speeds in the networking realm. So, why have you connected your Netgear device and the router wirelessly? Using a wired connection is not only offers high data transfer speeds but also more secure than a wireless one. The chances of your extender’s security getting breached increase when you opt for a wireless connection instead of a wired one. Therefore, without wasting much time, pick up the Ethernet cable and link your WiFi devices. However, we suggest going with an intact cable always. Using a damaged cable won’t help you resolve the slow internet issue with the Netgear extender. Additionally, the connection must be finger-tight in its way.

Tip 4: Do Not Place Your Devices Too Close

Yes, we agree that you should place your WiFi devices (Netgear extender and router) close to each other. But, it does not mean that your devices need to share the same table or base. If you do so, then forget about a high-speed internet connection, you won’t even be able to access a spotty WiFi due to a clash of their WiFi signals. Therefore, you should increase the distance between both devices. However, there’s a catch. You are supposed to place your devices in such a way that their signals neither clash nor struggle to propagate.

Tip 5: Cut Off Surplus Devices

You might also find yourself struggling with a slow internet connection issue with the Netgear range extender if too many devices are accessing your home network at the same time. We agree with the fact that Netgear extenders allow access to numerous wireless devices concurrently. But, it is necessary that your extender needs to be overburdened? Of course not! It just only slows down the internet speed due to heavy traffic. Additionally, there is a chance that someone is leeching your Netgear WiFi network. To do away with it, remove surplus devices and block unauthorized users from accessing your WiFi (if they do).

Summing Up

Accessing a slow internet issue is the most irritating problem that a technical person can face. We are assuming that after you give a shot at the last tip mentioned in this post, the slow internet connection issue would have become a folktale now. Thus, try to access the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard and notice the change. Thanks for staying connected!

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