Jungle Decoration: Opt For A Fresh And Original Decoration

Jungle Decoration: Opt For A Fresh And Original Decoration

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Want exoticism, giant plants that bloom on the wallpaper, and green velvet? Want greenery? Never mind!

The jungle decoration is for you. It is fresh, original, and really warm. Dose foliage and parrots as you like, depending on the effect you are looking for, a total look or simple background with a tropical atmosphere. Whatever the dose you choose, for a jungle decoration, take into account the characteristics of the jungle trend!

Here is the fact sheet of the theme established by our decorators. They recommend certain colors and invite you to respect some codes of jungle decoration for an interior decorated with taste and without false notes.

Jungle decoration materials

Bamboo, walnut, acacia…

Braided, bamboo can be used for flooring, wall coverings, and false ceilings. Bamboo can also have many applications in interior decoration. 

It can be used to separate two spaces, be used to make baskets or lighting fixtures. You can also simply put a few stems in a vase. It is also found on furniture. A bench, a headboard, or many more. It combines perfectly with walnut or acacia wood, which is more expensive but of superior quality.

A robust and noble species, walnut is one of the woods most in tune with the jungle decor. Very light or very dark, the most common is the one we recommend for your jungle decoration, it is perfect for furniture.

Dark wood flooring, made of exotic wood, will bring warmth and a touch of the exotic to the jungle-style room. You can also prefer wenge, teak… These natural materials bring a natural effect to the interior and this contrasts a decoration.

Brass and velvet

This alloy of copper and zinc, super trendy in the 70s is making a comeback. It captures and restores the light, and brings the sun into the interiors as well. For example, you can choose it for taps, furniture, or small decorations. Check for more! Brass goes perfectly with deep blue or larch green. We will also opt for a sofa or a velvet armchair.

A few meters of velvet are essential in a jungle decoration. It is quite suitable for sofas, and curtains when they are light, and cushions, patterned or not. Different textures can also be combined: cotton velvet, linen velvet, wool… This very soft material can also be used on wallpaper.

The decorative accessories of the jungle decoration

Hummingbirds and flamingos

Give a wild side to your interior. Plants, macaws, lorikeets, hummingbirds, and flamingos must also land on the cushions to compete for the little decoration. Play with shades of green, and dare original pieces: a sculpture, a beautiful statuette, etc. We will also find these exotic elements on beautiful wallpaper, but be careful to use them only on a section of the wall so as not to suffocate your room with so many patterns.

Brass and copper will light up your jungle-chic living room with their soft reflections. Matching perfectly with strong colors, these materials fit very well in rooms with a style of character. Leather and faux animal skins will further add to the authentic spirit. This modern and refined jungle atmosphere reminds us of the new Urban Jungle trend.


Natural plants are in order: rubber, aloes, banana trees, and essences with large leaves, why not flowers provided they are exotic and transport you to the tropical forest?

Vary their dimensions, alternate small pots, and larger plants. They will give a winter garden look to your jungle interior. The composition can occupy only one corner of the room if the green dominates too much or you lack space.

Colors: pep and dynamism

For a successful jungle decoration, you need to integrate 100% green into your interior. On the walls, the decorative accessories but also on bed linen. To this will be added dynamic colors.

You can choose the one you like because everything goes green! And yes, from mustard yellow to flamingo pink, all the colors will add a little sunshine to the deep green of the jungle decor style.

Discover eleven additional atmospheres for your interior decoration and to dress your walls. With trendy color palettes of Unikalo paints, find something to illuminate your interior for all seasons of the year.

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