iPhone is Not Connecting To PC

iPhone is Not Connecting To PC – Quick Tips To Fix It

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Is your iPhone not connecting to your desktop? We are here for your help with quick tips that will certainly resolve the problem and help you have your iPhone connected to your desktop without any kind of difficulty.

You may consider these tips to have your iPhone connected to your PC, check it out:

Step One:

Check it with the cable. There might be a chance that the cable is damaged and this is the reason why your device is not getting connected to the desktop. You can connect any other device with the use of that cable and check whether it is working or not. If it is not working then it is the problem related to the cable rather than your device or the desktop.

Step Two:

You can always consider using a different USB port. If the USB port is not supporting your device then you can consider checking it with another USB port. It will certainly give you an idea of whether the earlier one is an inappropriate condition of usage or not.

Step Three:

You can always consider updating applications on your iPhone device. Yes, you can reinstall your iTunes and check again whether it is connecting to your desktop or not. There have been times when after updating the iTunes application it has been connected with the Windows PC.

Step Four:

You can always check the operating system of your desktop. It is important that you ensure that the desktop operating system is completely updated and configured so that it will support your Apple device. So it is important that you ensure that the operating system is updated so that there is no problem in connection.

Step Five:

You can always consider resetting your iPhone device because there can be a possibility that you might have changed the setting by mistake. If you reset your device then the settings go back to normal and there is a chance that you are able to connect with the desktop without any problem at all.

Step Six:

You can always connect yourself with Apple contact support so that you get complete assistance from the professionals about the reason behind your not being able to connect. It is important that you understand the steps they are talking about for you to take so that you can have your device and desktop connected.

Step Seven:

After all of the above is not giving you an ideal response then you can always consider checking with the iTunes application. There can be a chance that there are alternative iTunes applications installed in your device. If this is the case then you need to get this changed or uninstalled so that you can get your device or laptop connected without any kind of problem.


If you are still facing the issues then you can always get yourself connected to iPhone repair service providers and allow the experts to help you with the same. There are a number of iPhone repair Adelaide service providers to help you with the same and make it easy for you to connect your iPhone to your desktop without any hassle.

They will understand the reason behind the issue and follow the best approach to help you get the issues resolved within a matter of the same day. So get connected to the experts now and have your phone working like before again. The best part of connecting with experts is that your data will also remain safe!

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