international schools in dubai, Class 5 Admission
international schools in dubai, Class 5 Admission

International Schools in Dubai: Ways You Can Help Your Child Become Successful in Elementary School

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If you wish to provide the best education for your child, there is nothing better than an international school. Dubai has some of the best international schools in the world, and they can help your child succeed in various levels of education.

But other than enrolling your child in international schools in Dubai, you must take some important steps to help your child become successful in elementary school. Read the guide below to learn some of the top ways to help your child become successful in elementary school.

Helping Your Child Succeed in Elementary School Before Seeking Class 5 Admission

Some of the ways you can help your child succeed in elementary school are as follows:

●  You must attend all the school nights and parent-teacher conferences

Your child can perform better in an international school when you, as a parent, are involved in the academic lives. You can attend a back-to-school at the beginning of the school year; this is one of the best ways to know about your child’s teachers as well as their expectations. The school administrators can also discuss the school-wide policies and programs with you.

When you attend a parent-teacher conference, you can always stay informed. These conferences are usually held once or twice a year during the reporting periods. The conferences in international schools in Dubai are one of the best chances to continue or start a new conversation with your child’s teachers. They can discuss strategies to help your child perform best in school.

●  Visit the international school and its website.

Knowing the layout of the international school’s grounds and building is one of the best ways to build a connection with your child, and you can talk to them about their school day. You can also know about the location of the main office, gym, cafeteria, playgrounds, special classes, and auditorium.

On the school website, you will find more information about the following:

1. The school calendar

2. Testing dates

3. Upcoming dates

4. Staff contact information

There are multiple teachers who maintain their own websites where they detail assignments, classroom events, trips and many more. There are also special resources for students and parents who are available on the school, district or teacher’s website.

●  You can support homework expectations.

Homework in grade five can help reinforce and extend classroom learning and helps kids practise essential study skills. Your child can also develop a sense of responsibility and a work ethic that can benefit them more than just studying in classrooms. Other than ensuring your child understands that you see homework as a priority. You can also help form an effective study environment. Any comfortable and quiet workspace with all the supplies will do.

Before you opt for class 5 admission for your child, you must look to avoid distractions such as a TV in your background. You can also choose to set up a start time and end time; this can also prove to be effective. Fourth graders can expect to have around 40 minutes of homework or studying every school night. If your child is in 4th grade and is taking longer than this guideline, you can talk with your child’s teacher.

When your child does their homework, you must be available to interpret assignment instructions, answer questions, offer guidance, and review the completed work. It is best to resist the urge to provide accurate answers or to complete the assignments alone. When your child learns from their mistake, they can benefit, and you do not want to take this away from your child.

●  Send your child to the best international schools in Dubai, ready to learn.

There is nothing better for your child than a nutritious breakfast to start the day. Generally, kids who have breakfast in the morning have energy and always perform better in school. If your kid eats breakfast in the morning, they will be less likely to be absent. They will also never make complaints to the school nurse regarding hunger. You can also enhance your kid’s attention power, concentration and memory by providing them with a good breakfast.

Few School Activities for a 5th Grader in International Schools in Dubai

Some of the top school activities that your 5th grader can participate in at an international school in Dubai are as follows:

●  Creating and sending a digital postcard

This is a fun activity for your child that you must know before you opt for class 5 admission. Your child can write a postcard from:

1. A habitat

2. A character in a story

3. A cultural or unique geographic destination

●  Learning family recipes

If your child wishes to cook or bake when they are at home, top international schools can teach them to bake a cake or cook different food. Other than that, your child can look at specific websites for a recipe and use a template to create a recipe card. Your child can also share that URL with their friend to help them learn something new.

Associate with Top International Schools in Dubai

Before you opt for class 5 admission for your child at GIIS international school, read the guide above to learn how to help your child succeed in elementary school. The best international schools in Dubai offer a wide variety of subjects from their international curriculum. GIIS is one of the top international schools in Dubai.

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