Indispensable Car Devices for Your Trip

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Car adventures are fun, but your first impressions can be changed by unforeseen circumstances. Before you hit the road, be prepared for solving any obstacles that come up in your way, be it a tire puncture or simply hunger.

Puncture repair kit

Every motorist faces the need to repair tires. A basic repair kit includes two items: a compressor and a sealant bottle. Compared to the traditional spare wheel with additional tools, the kits weigh 10 times lighter and are easier to deal with both for men and women. You are not supposed to have in-depth knowledge of the process of changing damaged tires. You aren’t expected to know what car would be the best for your road trip if you’ve turned 20 either. Under 21 car rental services will provide you with suitable cars for rent.

Massage pillow

You must sit in one position for a long time when driving long distances. This can cause swelling in the neck or back pain, which can ruin the whole travel experience. One thing that can relieve your suffering is a massage pillow. This is an absolute must for car trip lovers who spend most of the day behind the steering wheel. Sitting can take a toll on your health, so don’t spare money for this compact device. Therapeutic heat and a rotating massage mechanism will help relax your back and make the journey comfortable. To ensure even more comfort while traveling, rent a car. USA car rental services help you choose the right vehicle for your journey.

Phone Charger

You might not need an extra charger because modern cars are equipped with USB ports by default. As a rule, rear passengers are also provided with them in the back seats. It means you needn’t bring your chargers while traveling with mates unless the group exceeds 3 people. Sometimes regular ports aren’t built in the car at all. In this case, replenishing the phone bar through a cigarette power adapter for 5 people will turn into a “mission impossible”. Power banks can be a temporary lifesaver, but their battery capacity is still limited. It tends to die quickly, especially during unexpected delays.


GPS navigator

The last thing one wants to do when going on a road trip is to get lost. Unlike cellular networks, satellites cover almost the entire globe. That’s why the risk of being left without any connection with the outside world is low even in remote locations. Of course, a smartphone can also serve as a navigator. For example, Google maps are pretty accurate and can show you the nearest facilities around the area with rates and reviews. Nevertheless, it requires a stable internet connection and a fully-charged phone. GPS navigator will be a worthwhile acquisition for keen travelers who don’t want to waste time finding the right route.

Mobile holder

Holding the phone in your hands during a trip is inconvenient and unsafe. For this reason, it is recommended to use mobile holders. They are attached to the windshield with a vacuum suction cup. There are several types of holders. The standard option grabs your smartphone around the edges. It is considered the most reliable one because the phone is unlikely to fall out of it when driving on a bumpy road.

Mini fridge

If you are big on commuting by car, you cannot do without a portable mini fridge. This convenient device will keep the food and drinks fresh during the drive. It is used for both cooling and warming products and doesn’t take up much space in your vehicle. Whenever you get hungry, you can pull over and grab a bite without waiting until you reach your destination. It is also much healthier to eat homemade meals rather than buy junk food at roadside eateries. Moreover, new fridge models have embedded USB ports, so you can recharge your mobile as well.


In anticipation of a trip, people often forget about the possible risks on the road and their negative consequences. Unfortunately, we sometimes get into unpleasant situations like accidents or violations of traffic rules. If you don’t have a DVR, it will be difficult to prove anything. To avoid lengthy proceedings, install this gadget in a car and record all your trips.  The device isn’t expensive and is installed on the windshield where it wouldn’t interfere with the driver’s view. Today, DVRs combine multiple functions. Not only do they have registrars, but also radar detectors and navigators.


With these useful car gadgets, you won’t know difficulties like repairing the tire or finding the right way in an unfamiliar place. Surely, you are not supposed to have all of them. If you are going on a fast trip, minibars or massage pillows are unnecessary. In case you are planning to drive long hours, you will regret not taking one. Make sure you have everything packed.

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