Importance of Having Admin Access With Cheap Dedicated Server USA Plans

Importance of Having Admin Access With Cheap Dedicated Server USA Plans


Almost everyone wants a server over which they can have full control so that they can customize it however they like. Especially when you hold a high-traffic website then this feature plays an important role in improving the performance of your site. Also when you host a high-value website, there are lots of customization features that you will need at times. And, for this feature, dedicated servers are the best, they provide the perfect solution if you are in need of admin access. However, not only its admin access features are beneficial for you but also its other features like security, dedicated resources, flexibility, etc. enhance the performance of your site.

Let’s move further to the article and know more about having an admin access facility with Cheap Dedicated Server USA plans.

What is Admin Access in USA Dedicated Server?

Admin access is access that gives administrative-level control to the user over the server. T allows a user to modify and configure the server settings as per their website demand. It opens up a new layer of opportunities for a user to manage their website. And with a USA Dedicated Server plan, you get full root access to the server, it is admin access. It allows you to complete every task that needs the permission of an admin. Since you are the admin of the server, you don’t require any approval. You own the server, so every single feature of this belongs to you only. Many providers offer admin access or SSH root access with Cheap Dedicated Server USA plans at a reasonable price. You just have to check it with your hosting provider.

What Can You Do With Root Access to a Dedicated Server USA?

What Can You Do With Root Access to a Dedicated Server USA?

As an admin of the server, you can do any task. All the settings on the Dedicated Server USA are under your control, this includes customizing files, installing applications, and managing accounts. 

Customizing Files

No, special permission is required when you have root access to the server. You can change the file directories at any time as per your needs. You can set the read/write access to any other user and can watch over that. In this way, you can prevent some users to do spammy work and delete the access at times.

Installing Web Applications

When you one a high-traffic website, it gets important that you should organize and protect all the data with proper management. So, as an administrative user of Cheap Dedicated Server USA plans, you can install any web application as per your website demand. If you have multiple domains connected to the hosting then you don’t have to spend hours and hours installing the software for every user account. You also get a one-click installer facility with the packages that allow you to add the application or software to the server within seconds.

Managing User Accounts

If you have given some of the access to your server to multiple users then this features “admin access” is very much beneficial. As this feature allows you to manage every account and you can surveillance the activities they are doing. You can give or revoke permissions of any user or to any file. The Best Dedicated Server USA will maintain a functional user hierarchy by managing user permissions.

Use Cases for Root Access to the Best Dedicated Server USA

Use Cases for Root Access to the Best Dedicated Server USA

Managing Software and Configuring Cpanel

As a root user or superuser, you have the authority to manage each and every application that is installed on the server. You don’t have to take anyone’s permission. Also, you are free to install any application, update it, and distribute it to the server’s users. Also, you can set user permission to only some users to install applications over the system.

If we talk about configuring Cpanel settings then root access to Cheap Dedicated Server USA allows you to hand on its advanced settings. However, Cpanel is an easy-to-use control panel that uses a graphical user interface to manage the server. It is possible for administrators to access development tools, configure web services, and even grant support access to the system.

Migrating Sites and Setting Up Backup

Let’s imagine you are hosting your site on a shared or VPS server right now and want to switch to a Cheap Dedicated Server USA. Then by having root access, your website migration will go smoothly, you’ll not lose any data or files, you just have to copy the data that is currently hosted on shared servers. Also to set up a backup facility of the data, root access helps the most. This way you’ll not lose the data.

DNS Setting and IP Address Configuration

DNS is a management system that connects domains to a unique IP address. So, to configure its settings, you’ll need root access that allows you to add new DNS zones, edit them, and delete them. You can also reset the DNS zones. Also, by having admin access to the Cheap Dedicated Server USA in your hands, you have full control over your site’s IP address. You can change the IP address and assign a new address that could be IPv6.

Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server USA Plans with Root Access

At hostbillo, you get top-grade Web Hosting Services in USA at cost-effective rates. The company holds a powerful network at delivering a maximum server uptime guarantee with all its hosting services. It delivers a 99.90% network uptime guarantee with a 24*7 customer support system, allowing it a reliable hosting company. Its fast bare-metal Linux Dedicated Server USA plans help to improve the performance of your website using top-quality hardware tools. Also when you buy a Cheap Dedicated Server USA plan from Hostbillo, you get SSH root access that allows you to have full control over the system.


By now, you have general information about root access and its use cases. You also get to know how beneficial it is to have it when you own a dedicated server. As, with root access, you can modify any files or directories that are available on the server. You can install software server-wide and gives approval to other users to install the required files or update them. Furthermore, if we talk about a good provider, Hostbillo comes best in the queue. The hosting company delivers Cheap Dedicated Server USA plans and packages with operating system choices like Linux and Windows.

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