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How Trending Flower Bouquets Will Leave You Wanting For More

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Who does not like to hop on a trend, to be upbeat and onto something new every single time? Recent trends keep inspiring us to do something fresh and be creative. Not just that they keep us updated on what’s new and ongoing in all segments of life. So being on trend, following it, or just being aware of it seems like a win-win situation. So when it comes to flowers, if this is what interests you then you will surely be up for a quick run-through of flowers that are making rounds of the internet. Just like time changes, fashion is renewed, and lifestyle practices change. Similarly, there is an era of flowers as well. Flowers arrangements and bouquets have changed a lot in the last 10 years. While picking the flowers earlier there were limited options. But now OMG there is such a vast variety of flowers from the leaves you use to the container or the vase everything matters. Don’t feel left out, we are here for you. 

Here is a list of trending flowers from your garden city florist that is just gorgeous and super currently- 

Graceful Tulips

Tulips are one trending flower that is super in trend right now. Tulips are great to work with since they have a very aesthetically pleasing shape and come in various colors from bright red and orange to pastel pink. With a flower shop in Long Beach, you can get the best and most fresh set of tulips. Tulips are wonderful and the shape they have is adorable. What makes them so lively is their chic look. They are super elegant, tall, and dreamlike. Tulips also have a symbolic meaning which is deep and perfect love. 

Vivacious Roses

Roses are another trending flower that you can easily find at Central florist. Roses are a classic and an all-time favorite. How have they landed on this list? Well, they are ever so timeless. With roses, we are now seeing a lot more color. You might be aware of only a few colors that roses have. We have seen red, pink, yellow, orange, and white. But roses have more to offer, now you can find roses in colors like lavender, rainbow, peach, and ivory. You can put together some roses, cover them with baby breath and tie it with a ribbon. 

Ditsy daisy

If you prefer something small yet sweet. If you are looking for something bright and lively then daisies are for you. Just like roses, daisies have always been around. From seeing them grow in gardens to see them in a bouquet. The style is mostly seen around now. Is a cottage core aesthetic, which has elements like meadows, tiny flowers, and a little cottage in the woods. Now you could imagine how breathtaking it would be. To bring all these elements together you can go with a bouquet of daisies. You can go with a bunch of white and yellow flowers in a handwoven basket for a complete look. 

Pastel Peonies

Pastels are another shade that is very popular for their soft tones and effortless look. Pastel shades can be spotted in hydrangeas, carnations, wax flowers, and freesia. Put these flowers together and they will be gorgeous as ever. Pastels look really delicate and sweet. Apart from looking good they always have a very positive and joyful effect on the space around them. To complete the look you can go with a bright-colored vase. 

Sunlight Sunflowers

Sunflowers are pretty all over. They are eye-catching, bold, and colorful. Sunflowers are very different from pastels and if that’s what you enjoy then a bright yellow flower like this is a perfect choice. With Oceanside flower delivery, you can get all trending flowers big and small at your doorstep.

With flowers, you can definitely feel good and make your space brighter and feel good. Flowers no matter what kind are beautiful and will make you feel good.

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