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How to use Google Trends and Overview

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The popularity of a search term in Google is shown by the trends search feature known as Google Trends. You can see whether a trend is going up or down.

In addition, you can gain a deeper comprehension of Google trends by locating demographic insights, related subjects, and related queries.

The most effective method to Utilize Google Patterns: 10 Features for Business Owners…

  • Finding Niches Using Google Trends.

Google Patterns is an incredible device to track down a soaring specialty. Change your range from “Past 12 months” to “2004-present” whenever you are looking for a new niche.

This enables you to clearly determine whether the volume of searches is increasing or decreasing. However, it also lets you see seasonal trends all at once.

  • Explore Related Topics to Find Relevant Product Categories.

Let’s say you started a small business selling fake eyelashes. You might be interested in expanding into other verticals once you have established your niche. Therefore, you should diversify the products you sell in your store to include other product categories that people may also be interested in, rather than just selling fake eyelashes.

Keep in mind that as you scroll through some of the related topics, some may not apply to your company. For instance, fake eyelashes are mentioned in Google Trends as a related topic to Kim Kardashian. However, you could always write about Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes in a blog post.

  • Utilising Google Patterns for Catchphrase Exploration.

Now let’s say your store sells blouses for women. According to Google Trends, searches for this are increasing, which is encouraging. But now you want to know how to optimize a blog post about women’s blouses, what keywords to target, and how to name your product categories. Take a quick look at the “Related queries” section, which is located to the right of the “Related topics” section we just discussed, for a little trick you can use.

  • Use seasonal trends to promote your store.

Your company’s success is heavily influenced by seasonal trends. Your monthly sales will be affected by peaks and valleys throughout the year. Sales and competition will both rise significantly during peak seasons. You might start selling seasonal goods during the downturns. We should separate this with a “late spring” item: padded swimsuits

The fact that the data demonstrates that padded bikinis are also popular in the winter is interesting. January marks the beginning of the year’s first peak, which continues to rise until June.

  • Utilising Google Trends to Find New Content.

Top online retailers are using content marketing to increase traffic, improve brand recognition, and attract more customers than ever before. As a result, adding blog posts to your website can help you expand your business. One method for driving abrupt spikes in search traffic is to do “content newness.” What is it? When you republish content on your blog after removing old content and adding new information.

  • Produce material on current trends.

You can find a section for searches that are trending on Google Trends’ homepage. The hot topics of the moment are the searches that are trending. Real-time search trends, daily trending searches, and country-specific searches are all available.

While a large portion of the moving pursuits are with respect to superstar news, you will discover some buzz-commendable stories that tie into specific specialties. For instance, on February 27, 2019, the “Momo Challenge” was the daily trend with the most searches, with over 5 million searches. Keywords like “kids” and “parents” can be found in the “Related news” section. You could have published a newsworthy article on the subject on your blog if you own an online store that caters to parents of young children. 

  • Sort by region to find niche topics.

How you can locate niche topics by region is one of Google Trends’ most intriguing features. We frequently target an audience based on their country when we advertise. The United States alone has 325 million people. There is no doubt that the audience in Louisiana and New York are distinct from one another. Therefore, let’s examine how these two states view gold earrings.

In New York, the volume of searches for “gold earrings” is currently increasing. What does this imply, then? If you want to advertise a pair of gold earrings you’re selling, you should focus on specific states like New York.

  • With Google Trends Compare, you can see where your rivals are standing.

You can even keep track of your rivals and see how well they’re doing against your brand on Google Trends. Let’s compare Marvel Comics and DC Comics now that the Captain Marvel movie has come out to see how the two brands have fared over the years.

You can compare up to five search terms or competitors using this feature. You can use Google Trends to stay one step ahead of your rivals as your brand expands its search audience. Also, if you notice that some of your rivals are expanding at a faster rate than you are, you should start looking at their marketing channels to see how you can improve.

  • Google Patterns YouTube.

While Google Patterns is ordinarily used to work on your site’s exhibition, you can likewise utilise it to work on your arrival in virtual entertainment also – specifically, YouTube. We discovered that the most popular videos on YouTube used the keyword “fashion trends 2019” when we searched for “fashion” videos there. Let’s then enter that into Google Trends to see what results we get.

  1. Google Shopping and Trends

You can also use Google Trends to figure out when to make ads for Google Shopping that work best. Let’s say you own a clothing store and want to sell a new white dress on your website. You can figure out which months are best for your ads by looking at the Google Shopping feature in Google Trends. 


Google Trends can provide you with insights that will help your business succeed, from assisting you in anticipating seasonal trends to locating a rapidly expanding niche. By updating popular SEO posts just in time for peak season, you can find complementary verticals to expand your catalogue and skyrocket your blog traffic. You will be one step ahead of the competition if you put some of the Google Trends advice in this article into practice. Go get it, now is the time to dominate!

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