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How to Secure Crypto Wallet with Malwarebytes Antivirus

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After the introduction of Bitcoin, people are getting more interested in crypto. It allows easy trade and has many other benefits. But there are numerous security risks with the crypto wallet. Online threats are increasing after the pandemic and more and more people are using cryptocurrency. While using crypto, the user should follow various measures to keep his wallet secured. One of the top measures for securing the wallet is using a security application on the device. Malwarebytes is one of the top security apps which offers better tools for wallet security.

Ransomware Protection

Malwarebytes offers ransomware protection which is a necessary tool for keeping the wallet secure. The ransomware encrypts the data and then asks for the ransom. To prevent the attack; you can use the ransomware protection tool of Malwarebytes. It creates many layers of protection for your crucial data. If the ransomware tries to attack; it can’t find the actual data. This tool reduces the chances of an attack on your crypto wallet.

Password Manager

You require a strong password for the crypto wallet. Make a unique and long password. But the long password is difficult to remember. Don’t use the same password for your wallet and email accounts. If the hacker gets your email password; he can hack the wallet also. Use a unique password and never jot down it anywhere. Always use the password manager. Now you can manage the password using the password manager key. You can open and access the crypto wallet easily and reliably. Malwarebytes has a password manager where you can store the accounts’ passwords and other crucial information such as bank account details.

Advanced VPN

Never access your crypto account on an unsecured network. Hacking becomes easy when the device is connected to public Wi-Fi. Whenever you have to access the crypto wallet; search for a secured network. But many times you can’t find the secured network. Whenever the network is unsecured or shared; use VPN. Malwarebytes has a personal VPN tool that strengthens your security on the network. When the user connects the system to VPN; it creates a personal network. The VPN covers the system’s IP address which means no one can find you on the network. It also makes a secure channel for your data transfer. All the data gets encrypted and travels through the channel.


Hackers can enter the system if there is no firewall. Malwarebytes has a personal firewall that actively monitors the traffic on your network. It checks all your incoming packets and blocks all the suspicious ones. Whenever a device or any tool tries to connect; the firewall checks it and allows it when it is fully secured. If any hacker tries to access your network; the firewall blocks it. Your Malwarebytes firewall also manages the outgoing traffic. If the firewall finds any personal data traveling outside without your permission; it will block the network and alert the user immediately. Whenever you connect the device to the internet; enable the firewall immediately.

In account to keep the crypt wallet secure; your Malwarebytes should always run on the device. Its real-time scanning feature prevents the device from spyware and other threats which can steal your data. Whenever your antivirus stops working; you should inspect the cause and fix it immediately.

Malwarebytes is not opening

Your Malwarebytes won t open if the setup is not installed correctly. Many times, the user installs incompatible Malwarebytes set up on the system. Check the Malwarebytes plan’s resource requirements and then install it. This error often occurs while transferring the license. You can only transfer the Malwarebytes license to the same platform. Install the compatible setup and now you open the Malwarebytes to run the scan.

Malwarebytes is Conflicting with Another Program

A few Malwarebytes users reported that their Malwarebytes are conflicting with certain apps. The user can run another security app with Malwarebytes by making some changes on the dashboard. He needs to disable those tools which he is using on another security application. But some programs still conflict with the Malwarebytes setup. Uninstall the conflicting app from the system and run the Malwarebytes reliably.

Malwarebytes is not Scanning

When your antivirus shows a scanning error; check for the new update. The scanning tool can’t work when running out of date. Go to your Malwarebytes application and then install a new update. But when the scanning error is occurring due to corrupted program files; reinstall the setup. Remove the corrupted setup and install reliable Malwarebytes software.

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