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How To Recover Data From A Damaged Hard Disk

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Before downloading, installing, and following our driver to recover your deleted files, check out the information below that can help you a lot to recover data from a damaged hard disk.


The type of hard drive plays an important role in recovering the data. If your computer is wearing a HDD hard drive, even if you delete the files from the recycle bin, these data will not be permanently deleted. Instead, they will stay where they were, except our operating system will not be able to see them. That’s why most programs are able to retrieve our deleted files.

On an SSD hard drive, things get harder. SSD drives feature TRIM, which physically deletes data to improve disk performance. The good thing is that not all SSDs apply this function – it’s different for each model in the SSD controller – as some replace the deleted files with others or zeros, and others delete them only when given the garbage collection command (which performs the deletion).

How to properly recover data

To get a program to recover as much data as possible, without them having a problem then you will need to do some things first.

1. Do not choose to recover your deleted files to the same hard drive from which they were deleted. Files should be retrieved on a different hard drive rather than the same one.

2. If you try to retrieve the hard drive that contains your Windows, that is C: /, then remove it from your computer and replace it with another hard drive. Then connect it as an external disk and try to retrieve its files.

3. If the hard drive makes a “This disk needs to be formatted” error, do not format it. Instead, do the recovery as this error comes out. If you format, it is harder for a program to recover the files.

Data Recovery via Recuva

Recuva is definitely one of the most popular and reliable programs for data recovery. This program managed to recover 80 percent of deleted files from an HDD hard drive, and 67 percent from an SSD hard drive.

To recover data from a hard drive with Recuva, you will first need to download and install it on your computer. Here it is worth noting that during the installation you will be asked to install Ccleaner if you do not want the installations and this (which is not necessary in this case) simply do not choose it.

Data Recovery through the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best alternative to Recuva and all other programs for recovering data from hard drives. To use it properly and do a better job of crawling and recovering data, you will need to install it on a different hard drive rather than the one you want to recover.

If you can not retrieve your data in the above ways then you can contact a data recovery or anaktisi dedomenon company.

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