How to Profit A Real Estate Company In 3 Months With FB Ads

How to Profit A Real Estate Company In 3 Months With FB Ads

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I honestly couldn’t believe it when I heard from my client that we had far surpassed the break-even point, within the first 3 months of forming the company.

1. Be creative with the targeting options on FB Ads.

The first thing you need to know if you’re in the housing or real estate industry, and if you’ve never run any Facebook ads before; is that your ads will be under Facebook’s Special Ad Category.

2. Stop showing the building picture as the ads.

We’ve all seen it. Real estate companies’ ads on Facebook are just full of low-dimmed shiny buildings of the new property.

3. Filter the leads.

This is how we get leads that are actually serious buyers.

4. What’s your offer?

This is marketing 101.

5. Follow up with email.

Sometimes the leads that we get, don’t all submit the second form when they first came in.

6. Expand with referrals.

Some people actually make a living just by referring other people they know to real estate agents.

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