How To Impress A Woman

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A well-known proverb says, “A woman is a mystery.” If all the philosophers work together to develop a book that will answer all the common psychology of a woman, they will tragically fail. Women are confused by nature. Sometimes they don’t know what they want, so it’s almost impossible for a man to read their mind and reveal the secret of their feelings and emotions. However, I have met numerous women in my lifetime, and I swear, they are entirely different from each other from the view of their thoughts and choices.

Teenage Girls (ages 15 to 20):

Youth Girls (ages 21 to 35):

Matured Ladies (ages 36 to 50):

1. Have A Good Personality

2. Have A Bold Attitude

3. Be Confident, Be Brave

4. Take Care Of Yourself

5. Have A Good Sense of Humor

6. Achieve Good Communication Skills

7. Go To The Gym

8. Have A Hobby

9. Have A Passion

10. Get A Pet

Be A Gentleman, Respect Women

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