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How To Give An Amazon Voucher

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Your best friend’s birthday is almost upon us, and not having much time to devote to choosing a useful and, at the same time, original gift, you have been suggested to opt for an Amazon voucher. Not at all displeased with the idea that it may be the birthday boy who chooses the most popular gift, you immediately tried to buy one of these vouchers and send it directly to your friend, but without succeeding.

If this is the case and, therefore, you would like to know how to give an Amazon voucher, let me give you a hand and provide you with all the information you need to succeed in your intent. First, I will be pleased to tell you which types of Amazon vouchers you can give as a gift and the available delivery options. Next, you will find the detailed procedure for purchasing and sending one of these vouchers, proceeding from a computer, a smartphone, and a tablet.

How to gift an Amazon voucher online

All you have to do to give an Amazon online voucher is to access the Gift Vouchers section of the famous online shopping site, choose the type and amount of the voucher you want to purchase, and indicate the delivery method you prefer. Find everything explained in detail right below.

How to give a digital Amazon voucher

To give a digital Amazon voucher, connect to this main page of the famous online shopping site and log in to your account if you have not already done so. If you don’t have one yet, my guide on how to sign up on Amazon may be useful.

Now, click on the Gift Vouchers item in the top menu and, in the new page displayed ( here is the direct link), select the Digital option. Then choose the digital Amazon gift voucher you prefer from those available, select the type of your interest between Classic and Animated, and press on the style that best suits you among those visible in the Design section. Alternatively, by pressing the option Your photo/video, you can customize the gift certificate by uploading your photo or video.

Once the graphic customization of the Amazon voucher has been completed, enter the date of the gift voucher in the section, specify the amount, and the delivery method. For example, if you want to give an Amazon voucher via email, select the Email option, enter the recipient’s email address in the appropriate field and indicate the shipping date.

On the other hand, by selecting the SMS option and indicating the recipient’s phone number in the Enter mobile number field, you can send the gift voucher via SMS without possibly scheduling its shipment.

Regardless of the delivery method chosen, specify your name and any message to add to the gift certificate. Click on the Buy Now button at the top right, to proceed with the payment and purchase the gift certificate. If you have chosen to send by e-mail, the e-mail message with the gift voucher will be delivered to the address specified when ordering on the date indicated. If you have chosen delivery by SMS, a specific text message will be immediately sent to the mobile number indicated above.

Suppose you prefer to proceed from smartphones and tablets, start the Amazon app for Android devices (also available on alternative stores, for devices without Google services) or iPhone / iPad, tap the ☰ button, and select the Gifts and Gift Vouchers options. You also read interesting articles on my website. Then press on the item Digital, choose the type of voucher you prefer, and customize it by choosing the style and specifying the amount.

Once this is done, indicate the delivery method ( Email or SMS ), specify all the required data, and, if you wish, also enter your name (otherwise, the gift voucher is delivered anonymously ) and any message. Finally, tap the Buy Now button and proceed to payment.

How to gift a physical Amazon voucher

If you prefer to give a physical Amazon voucher online, you should know that the procedure is almost identical to what I indicated above to purchase a digital gift voucher. The only difference is that you will have to choose whether to personally receive the gift certificate and then deliver it by hand or whether to send it directly to the recipient’s address.

To proceed from a computer connected to the Amazon main page, access the Gift Vouchers section by clicking on the appropriate item located in the top menu ( here is the direct link) and press on the option relating to the Amazon voucher that you intend to give as a gift. ‘wishes, In a slipcase and other options and To print.

In any case, choose the gift voucher you prefer among those visible on the screen, select the amount of your interest (or specify it in the Other field ) and, if necessary, define its style for the selected Amazon voucher.

Once this is done, if you have decided to buy a gift box or a birthday card, click on the Buy Now button and choose whether to receive the voucher at your address and then manually deliver it to the person of your interest or send it directly to his address. In the latter case, click on the Send to option, select the Add a new delivery address option and enter the address of the recipient of the gift card. Then click on the Use this address and Ship to this address buttons and proceed to payment.

Do you want to do all this from your smartphone or tablet? In that case, launch the Amazon app, press the ☰ button and select the Gifts and Gift Cards options. Then choose the voucher you want to give among In a birthday card, In a box and other options and To be printed.

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