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How to Draw A Dress Easily

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How to Draw A Dress. Millions of people around the world enjoy fashion. From the latest formal dress styles to edgy summer looks, people need more of the elegance, style, and beauty that comes with fashion.

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When it comes to fashion, clothes are a big part of it, and they can come in many different types and styles.

If you’ve always wanted to design your dress but needed to know where to start, this is the guide!

We created this step-by-step dress drawing tutorial to help you unleash your inner fashion guru.

How to Draw A Dress

Step 1

In the first step of our tutorial on how to draw a dress, we will start with the neckline and sleeves of your dress. This is drawn with a curved line for the neckline of the dress.

Then you can draw slanting lines that go down in a curve to create the sleeves.

Once these items look like the reference image, you’re ready for step 2!

Step 2

For this part of your dress design, we will draw a bust. To draw this part, draw two lines along the inside of the sleeves.

This creates a square shape with slightly angled sides.

Step 3

Your dress needs a flowy skirt part, so let’s draw one for this step of our dress drawing guide.

To draw this part, you have two lines going outwards from the bottom of the part you drew in the previous step. Once you’ve drawn these lines, you can connect them with a slightly flowing line.

You can use a flowing curved line, which shows a flowing hem at the bottom of the skirt.

Step 4

In this step, we will add some details to the design of your dress. First, add some thin lines at the beginning of the sleeves.

Next, carefully draw a line across the waist of the dress to create a belt-like strap piece.

Step 5

The final steps of this dress drawing guide are all about adding some final details and extra elements.

For now, you can add some detailing at the bust and waistband to create pleats for your dress. Details like these are subtle but effective in bringing a more dynamic look to your dress design.

Step 6

This step of our dress drawing guide will allow you to add the final details to your dress before proceeding with coloring.

The final details we added for our example were some lines at the hem of the dress. Just like the lines we used in the previous steps, this help gives the fabric the appearance of folds and movement.

With these details, your dress design is almost ready to color! You could continue to the next step but add more details to personalize your drawing further.

Let your creativity run free in this step, and use a few extra elements to create a stunning new style.

You could design some accessories for your dress or make patterns for it.

If you need inspiration, you can look up some fashion photos online and incorporate elements that inspire you into the design of your dress.

Step 7

Now that you’ve finished designing your dress, you can have lots of coloring fun! This step is where you should let your creativity and inspiration run free.

Fashion is all about expression through style and color, giving you much freedom to express yourself with the colors you use.

Do you use cooler shades of blue and purple for a winter look? Perhaps you could use a light, airy floral pattern for a summery feel or combine colors like white and red for an elegant evening look.

If you have drawn additional accessories or elements for your dress design, you can also color them to match.

You can also use many great artistic mediums to color your dress, from bright acrylics and crayons to more delicate watercolors and crayons.

Your Dress Drawing is Finished!

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