How to Cut Drywall with a Rotary Tool

How to Cut Drywall with a Rotary Tool

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The genuine advantage of a rotary tool originates from its applicability and suitability for small work around our houses and workshops.

You might have acquired your device for a shower room grout removal exercise, but that does not indicate its usage has ended there.

As a DIYer, you require a bit of imagination to identify exactly how you can get one of the most out of your rotary tool.

With this guide, all you require is your device and the right devices. I believe you acquired it with these add-ons. Hence, no further spending.

Always remember to switch off your device and lock it when it is not in use, always!

Cutting Openings in Drywall

Sometimes, you must reduce a little part of your home’s drywall. It could be a normal residence remodeling job or when moving right into a brand-new home.

I have located myself reducing holes in drywall when patching or creating electrical power and water pipe outlets in brand-new homes.

A rotary tool will certainly assist you in getting the job done conveniently and smoothly.

Product Needed:

A multipurpose straight little bit as well as a reducing guide

Or, drywall reducing little bits

Joint substance

A tape measure, tape, as well a pencil

Step on Just How to Cut Drywall with a Rotary Tool

Action 1 – Measure as well as Mark

Measure as well as mark the area that you require to cut.

I always utilize my workman’s ruler and lengthy clutch pencil. Nevertheless, you can use any ruler, pencil, or pen for this job.

Step 2 – Describe the Location For Drywall Opening Patching

If you are doing an opening patching workout, you ought to start by cutting the piece of wallboard that you mean to use in the repair service.

Cut a square piece that is a bit larger than the actual area you will be patching. Utilizing the multipurpose reducing overview will certainly aid you in getting clean cuts along the sides.

You ought to then use the square piece to outline the area that you require to reduce on the drywall.

Step 3 – Cut Drywall Making Use Of a Rotary Tool

After marking the location you mean to reduce, take your rotary tool and begin cutting.

Step 4 – Taking Care Of the Holes

If you are reducing tiny holes for water pipes or electric wires (sockets), you can merely repair the pipeline before finishing with a joint substance around them.

Nevertheless, for patching, you could begin by fixing scrap wood or solid tape on the back side of the hole.

This supports the drywall spot by shielding it from “dropping” backward as you use the joint substance.

Tip 5 – Apply a Joint Substance

End up the whole procedure by applying a joint substance. You can utilize the side of a blade to push the substance into the gaps.

Pointer: I always repaint the whole wall surface after patching to offer it a smooth look, such that no one can notice the patching. You can also repair a piece of art or a wall clock in the patched area!

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