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How to Choose the Right Traditional Artificial Jewellery for a Kashmiri Bride

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Talking about the state of Jammu and Kashmir, it is well known for its intricate and beautiful traditional artificial jewellery. The ethnic jewellery set worn by brides in Kashmir is not just an accessory but an important part of their wedding attire. It reflects their rich heritage, culture, and traditions. Here are six pieces of traditional jewellery that are worn by Kashmiri brides on their wedding day.


Dejharoo is a pair of earrings worn by Kashmiri brides. These earrings are made of gold and adorned with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. The earrings are usually a combination of floral and paisley designs which are very intricate and detailed. The earrings are usually heavy and are worn to provoke the Goddess Lakshmi to bring good luck and prosperity to the newlyweds. You can now get them in artificial jhumkas forms as well

Haar and Bohar artificial jewellery:

Haar is an ethnic necklace made of gold and precious stones like rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. The Haar is usually paired with Bohar, which is a choker-like neckpiece made of pearls. The Bohar and Haar are usually designed in the same pattern and are worn together. The Haar and Bohar are the most significant pieces of artificial jewellery, and their designs are believed to be passed down from generation to generation.

Matha patti:

Mathapatti is also known as Tikka. It is a forehead ornament made of gold and adorned with precious stones. The design of the Mathapatti is similar to that of the Haar and Bohar and is usually worn with a small chain that is attached to the hair. It is believed that the Mathapatti enhances a bride’s beauty and also helps to balance the bride’s energy.

Nath/ Nose rings of Kashmir:

Nath is a nose ring made of gold and decorated with precious stones. The Nath is designed in the shape of a flower and is usually quite large. The Nath is an important ornament for Kashmiri brides, and it is believed that wearing a Nath helps to reduce pain during childbirth.


Bangles are an essential piece of artificial jewellery for Kashmiri brides. Usually fashioned of gold or silver, they are embellished with valuable stones. The bangles are usually designed in pairs and are worn on each wrist. The size and number of bangles are believed to be a sign of the bride’s status and wealth in her family.

Nupura :

Payal is a pair of anklets made of silver or gold. They are typically adorned with bells or small trinkets that make a melodious sound when the bride walks. It is believed that wearing a Payal helps to improve blood circulation in the feet and also enhances the bride’s beauty.

Jiggni And Dekdaman head artificial jewellery :

On the foreheads, these customary Kashmiri bridal accessories are worn. They can be triangular, semicircular, or circular and are made of gold. These decorations, like the Maang Tikkas, could either be entirely set in gold or have pearls and valuable stones inlaid into them. For a Kashmiri bride, the Bollywood Bride Gold Mang Tikka from Finaura would be the ideal option. The Raadhi Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka and the Aarna Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka may both be found on the gold-plated ethnic necklace set Design Swarajshop.

Hoops earrings from Kashmir:

Hooped or fanned earrings are another style of earrings available in the Kashmiri bridal imitation jewellery set collection. These lovely metal hoops earrings or Kashmiri fan earrings are significantly more popular among brides who choose not to wear Kashmiri jhumkas. Typically, these earrings are adorned with gemstones or the traditional metallic bells from Kashmir. You can wear these not only to your own wedding but also to other formal events like a post-wedding daawat, etc.

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 The intricate designs and exquisite craftsmanship of these pieces of artificial jewellery make them a valuable part of the bride’s wedding attire. Together, they adorn the bride and make her look like a princess on her wedding day. Swarjshop is the best artificial jewellery shop in India, shop now in 2023.

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