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How To Choose the Right Art Decor for Your House

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To create spaces that are alive and have character, art and design have always been inseparable. We want the space to inspire, surround, represent and help us feel good. After a long day at the office.

Architecture and housing design were aligned to mass production work to prioritize the quality of architecture and housing. Quantity over originality. Modernism was born out of a rebellion against modernization.

It created visually stimulating buildings and ad-hoc designed elements for every space. According to some top house renovators, the house itself is an art piece in itself.

It is because of this that what we put on our walls is so important. We aim to create a space that is filled with beauty, comfort, joy, and energy.

Tips to choose the arts for your house decor

Even if you don’t own any art, interior design is impossible without an artistic vision of the space. Art transcends. It is the best way to show the most authentic, intimate side of the house.

 It is interesting to consider aesthetic emotions when we look deeper into the art-emotion relationship. Here are some key points to help you choose the right piece of art for your home.

Holistic Vision

We refer to holistic vision as taking into consideration the physical relationships and visual dialogue between all pieces of a set. There is a plot thread connecting the elements that make up the space.

What does the golden table lamp have to do with the Persian rug, the blue velvet sofa, and the oak table? Are they harmonious and balanced?

These questions will help us to achieve a visual harmony that will help us maintain our emotional balance. Interiors are more beautiful when they make us feel good. It is important to give each piece its place and consider the overall visual impact.

Design of a Mood Board/Wall of Inspiration

A mood board is a visual tool that uses to organize and filter ideas. Take a few minutes each day to find an artist or pinner on Instagram or Pinterest you like, that inspires or captivates.

You can save these works and put them in a folder. Each day, you’ll add another work by artists or other artistic genres. In a matter of weeks, you’ll be able to see which works call out to you the most.

If you are interested in creating your wall of inspiration, you can use hashtags like #emergingart #art_spotlight #abstractpainting #artmagazine, and #contemporarypainting, where you will surely find inspiration.

Size, budget, and format.

Different artistic formats can be adapted to individual needs. Clients who have never invested in art before may find it a great first step to purchasing a paper reproduction of their favorite work.

It will make them feel more confident and help them make a decision. This option allows for a lot more decorative play, as you can combine pieces from different artists and styles, such as drawing or photography to create a gallery wall.

You can gain confidence and invest in larger pieces by emerging international or local artists as you gain more value.

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