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How to Choose the Cheapest Web Hosting

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There are hundreds of companies on the Web advertising the cheapest web hosting, which makes it tough to choose the right company that will provide you with the most value for the low price at hand.

No doubt, the super low monthly hosting rate looks nice, but what are you getting for that price? Finding the cheapest web hosting company is smart, but there are important considerations to make while shopping so you can find the best web host.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

A low cost hosting plan should include enough disk space and bandwidth to accommodate your website. This is important if you to intend to expand media on your site and increase traffic. If your site can’t handle the sudden traffic flux, your site will function slowly or crash, costing you money and lost business. You would have to increase disk space and bandwidth which raises hosting costs. Typically, 50 MB space is plenty for the average business website, but complex e-commerce sites should opt for at least 1 GB of space. The best web host will provide you with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Customer Support Line

The cheapest web hosting services should be backed by a company with a reliable customer support line. There are web hosts who only handle customer issues by email or chat sessions which is very frustrating and time consuming when you have a serious problem at hand. A solid company will have their own support line open 24/7 in case you experience server problems or have important questions. Choose a company with quality customer service.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

This enables you to host unlimited domains for the price of one. This is irrelevant for someone who only intends to host one domain, but it saves an incredible amount of money if you need to host multiple domains. Hosting multiple domains, without unlimited domain hosting, will end up costing hundreds of dollars. Even if the plan with unlimited domain hosting costs a couple extra bucks per month, it’s totally worth it, because this is obviously cheaper than separately hosting each domain under a regular limited domain plan.


The best web host will provide the webmaster with an uptime guarantee of no less than 99.5%.  This means the company’s confident that their servers are always up and running so you won’t experience any down time resulting in visitor and business loss. This is pretty standard with web hosts, but not every company is the same. There are companies known for lousy servers that go down frequently.

Email Accounts

The cheapest web hosting plan will probably include an email account, but how many? Some companies will provide unlimited email accounts which is a nice advantage.

Control Panel

The control panel allows you to access your hosting account and configure the server exactly how you want it. Cpanel software is popular and provided by many reputable web hosts. It’s very easy to use. The control panel should include access to email accounts, scripts, tracking and FTP to name a few. Choose a low cost web host with a quality control panel.


No web hosting company is perfect, but the bad ones tend to stand out. Choose only the best web host with a solid reputation for reliability, low prices, unlimited features and customer support . My personal recommendation is BlueHost. They are cheap and their unlimited domain hosting is the main reason I host all my sites with them. Hopefully you found this article helpful in choosing a reliable web host for your site.

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