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How Should Dry and Sensitive Skin Be Treated in Winter?

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The arrival of winter is marked by cool temperatures, cozy attire, and unhappily, dry skin. Even though some people may eagerly anticipate the year’s end, there are some difficulties, particularly those that are skin-related. The chilly weather frequently causes dry skin, chapped lips, and even rashes. A skincare routine is a fantastic method to deal with these issues. In light of this, it is essential to protect your skin in this environment.

Because cosmetics might include potentially dangerous substances, using them to protect your skin from the effects of winter might not be the best option.

Top brands like Biotique believe that nature contains the solution to every beauty problem because it has long been demonstrated that natural and herbal products are safe and effective for the skin and body. They only produce natural and the best moisturizers for dry skin which are free from animal testing. 

Tips to Take Care of Dry And Sensitive Skin in Winter

In the winter, everyone needs to pay more attention to their skincare needs. To keep your skin healthy over the winter, use these skincare tips:

1.  Choose Gentle Skincare Products

Avoid products with harsh ingredients, fragrances, or alcohol, which can irritate sensitive skin. Look for products labeled “gentle” or “for sensitive skin”. 

You can choose Biotique MORNING NECTAR NOURISH & HYDRATE MOISTURIZING COLD CREAM. For a visibly fresher, fairer complexion, this winter moisturizer for dry skin absorbs into skin to replenish lost moisture and swap out natural oils.

2. Use a Face Oil

A face oil can provide an extra layer of hydration for dry, sensitive skin. Look for oils with nourishing ingredients like jojoba, coconut, or almond oil. Pick Biotique ALMOND OIL DEEP CLEANSE PURIFYING CLEANSING OIL- It is a calming cleanser that removes thick face and eye makeup effortlessly and provides silky-fresh skin.

3. Exfoliate Gently

Gently exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and allow moisturizers to penetrate better. Use a gentle scrub or chemical exfoliant.

4. Keep your Skin Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated from the inside out. Use a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer on face and body to lock in moisture.

5. Avoid Hot Showers

Long, hot showers can strip skin of its natural oils. Opt for lukewarm water and limit showers to 10-15 minutes.

6. Use a Humidifier

Heating systems can dry out the air in your home, worsening dry skin. A humidifier can add moisture to the air, helping skin stay hydrated.

7. Protect Skin From The Cold

Cover exposed skin with a scarf, hat, and gloves to protect it from harsh winds and cold temperatures.

8. Eat a Healthy Diet

A diet rich in vitamins and minerals can improve the overall health of your skin. Include foods like fatty fish, avocados, and nuts in your diet.

By following these tips, you can help soothe dry, sensitive skin and maintain a healthy, hydrated complexion during the winter months. To explore the range of high quality moisturizers you can visit Biotique’s official website.

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