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How I Passed My ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester Test

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In this post I’ll briefly review the Foundation Level Agile Tester (CTFL-AT) certification exam and share my experiences of getting it passed earlier in the year. Find out more details about the ISTQB Foundation exam, the advantages of becoming an engineer certified in software testing and some tips on clearing the test without stress.

What is the reason QA engineers require ISTQB certifications?

Most people keen on software testing have been informed about the ISTQB Foundation. The ISTQB certification is the most sought-after certification in the world to be a software tester. Each year, we observe that the expectations and duties of the candidates are increasing. One of the best methods to demonstrate your expertise and skills is to take exams and obtain certificates, particularly for those looking to be considered for highly-coveted remote QA engineer positions.

The ISTQB offers opportunities to obtain various certifications related to software testing at multiple levels. The certificate at the foundation level is relatively easy to get. However it requires an amount of preparation.

My personal experience with passing the CTFL-AT test

Like many Agile methodologies followers, I’m trying to broaden my information in this field using different methods. Since I already hold the CTFL certificate, I decided to purchase another one and chose CTFL-AT as the best next step in my career plan.

Since most projects operate using Agile, it’s essential to be aware of the various approaches and terminologies within the Agile field since the workflows can differ from project to project. The more you understand the multiple variations, the more quickly you will learn about each new project you work on.

The number of questions was not tricky, and many were similar to questions I completed in the Agile Tester Certified Exam Training Course I mentioned earlier.

This certification has given me greater confidence using the knowledge I already possess about Agile methods and gave me new terms and techniques that could be utilized in improving the testing process.

My suggestions for getting through the CTFL-AT exam with confidence

The total exam duration is 60 minutes, but it is possible to add 15 minutes if English isn’t your first language. This is sufficient time, but the time flew by quickly.

Do not answer questions that have long descriptions. Also, if you are unsure of the answers or questions it is best to revisit them. After the other questions have been addressed.

Don’t attempt to master any new skills the day before the test since your brain should be uncluttered and not stressed.
Take note of all answer choices. Even if some appear entirely incorrect, it’s essential to thoroughly read the entire document. Because one of the challenges in this certificate is that specific problems are written. So that one answer could be more accurate or wrong than the other.

If you are taking the test online, setting up a conducive working environment. And making any other minor adjustments before the trial, like setting up your camera. But microphone, so that you can focus on getting the MCSA exam passed.

ISTQB Question Patterns and Tips to Solve

These ISTQB questions are designed so that the answers appear like the others. Most people will select the one they have the most experience with. But, it’s recommended to read the question attentively at least twice. So more often until they are completely clear about what they are being asked.

Then, examine the choices attentively. The answers are selected to confuse the contestants. To determine the correct answer, we must take them out one at a time. Examine each option and decide whether it’s accurate or not.

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