How E-commerce Brands Are Taking Advantages Of Shoppable UGC?

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User-generated content (UGC) has long been recognised as some of the most engaging content available. 

It’s becoming popular because it is authentic, it is more relatable than polished branded content, and the list goes on.

The steps of doing so are simple and E-commerce can reap all the benefits by applying them.

Let’s begin with it.

How Can E-commerce Brands Take Advantage Of Shoppable UGC?

  • Promote Your Product Through UGC

Incorporating user-generated content (UGC) into a marketing campaign is an effective way to increase interest and drive sales for a new product launch or an existing product.

Most promotional campaigns aim to acquire new customers. However, the reality is that brands struggle to develop long-term marketing strategies.

To develop a solid marketing strategy for acquiring new customers, you must concentrate on tactics that are long-term and can help your business scale. 

Brands can use UGC with significantly lower marketing costs than most other marketing strategies. 

And, as social media usage grows, more and more customers are sharing their brand experiences online. 

Brands can also hold contests in which customers share UGC in exchange for a prize. 

Brands can then easily curate and use this UGC for promotion.

  • Educate Your Customers

Your customers are constantly discussing and reviewing your brand on social media. 

You can also learn about common questions and concerns about your product or service by monitoring the content your customers share.

A UGC’s comment section is an excellent place to gather customer feedback on your product. In reality, not all feedback will be positive.

Negative feedback, however, is not the end of the world. Serious brands use this feedback to improve their products. 

It also demonstrates to customers that you care about what they think. Customers want to feel special. 

According to one study, 79% of consumers want brands to show that they care about them before making a purchase. 

With so many options available to consumers, brands must make a concerted effort to provide a positive user experience.

Brands can also collaborate with influencers to create user-generated content (UGC) that educates consumers. 

In comparison to ordinary customers, influencers have a loyal and large following. Working with influencers ensures that the content is seen by more people. 

The key is to collaborate with influencers who have similar followers to your target audience.

  • Speed Up Content Creation

UGC is one of the most effective ways to gather more social content for your brand. 

It can be difficult to create new visual content on a regular basis, especially if you have a limited marketing budget. 

Because you are curating images directly from your fans, you can use UGC to supplement branded content for little or no cost.

The truth is that user-generated content (UGC) is the most abundant source of authentic visual content available to marketers. 

By combining branded and user-generated content, brands can save time and money on content creation.

  • Increase Customer Engagement

A UGC campaign encourages more customers to interact with your brand. When you encourage customers to share UGC, you give them a chance to share their own stories. 

Your customers also want to be heard. According to one study, 53% of baby boomers and 64% of millennials want more ways to share their thoughts on their favorite brands. 

As a result, user-generated content makes your customers feel seen and heard.

Customers will feel more connected to your brand if you encourage them to create UGC. And this interaction can assist brands in building an engaged community.

According to studies, 50% of millennials trust UGC content more than branded content. When brands combine UGC content with professional marketing content, engagement rises by 28%.

  • Boost Conversions

Potential buyers trust reviews 12 times more than product copy from your brand. Furthermore, 63% of these buyers are more likely to buy a product that has reviews and testimonials. 

This is because the majority of user-generated content is genuine and unbiased.

Furthermore, when customers cannot see or touch your product before purchasing, they are usually hesitant to spend. 

In fact, non-paid recommendations from other customers are trusted by 92% of shoppers more than any other type of advertising. 

As a result, real-life customers using your products will be preferred by your audience over staged product photos.

Combining UGC and social commerce is a powerful way to increase conversion rates. 

Share customer reviews and testimonials on your website and social media on a regular basis.

You can also host social media takeover campaigns in collaboration with influencers. 

Wrapping Up!

Making shoppable user-generated content the focal point is a fantastic way to generate a lot of content and use it in different ways.

To grow, brands are making meaningful connections with their audiences, building fan bases, and utilizing shoppable user-generated content. 

As more consumers prefer online shopping to in-store shopping, user-generated content (UGC) is becoming an essential component of any brand’s marketing strategy.

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