Canada work permit
Canada work permit

How Can You Extend A Canadian Work Permit From India?

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In Canada, a valid passport and an authorised work permit are mandatory to continue the job of choice. Every year, authorities issue half a million Canada work permit from India and different parts of the globe. 

However, these permits are subject to expiration, and you must apply for an extension at least 30 days before the expiry date. Under conditions when you have already applied for an extension, and the present permit has expired, you can continue to live in Canada. 

Type of Work Visas in Canada

There are two types of work visas in Canada.

– Open Permit Work Visa

With an open permit work visa, you can work under any employer in Canada. However, be mindful of the companies which do not abide by the labour market requirements set by the authorities in Canada. 

– Employer-Specific Work Visa

With an employer-specific work visa in Canada, you can work for a specific organisation certified under the LMIA. Do look at the LMIA type and only proceed with those with a positive LMIA.  

Documents Required To Apply For A Work Visa To Canada From Outside

Below is a list of all the documents that you need to present when applying for a work visa to Canada:

The Number Of Forms

  • Application for work permit made from outside Canada.
  • Family information
  • Statutory declaration of a common-law union (if necessary).
  • Using a representative (if necessary).
  • Authority to release confidential information to a dedicated individual. 

List Of Documents

  • Payment of fee
  • Photocopy of the passport, which has the following credentials intact – A valid passport number, date of issue and expiry, name, birth date and photo. 
  • Two photos (recent) as per the specifications and measurements stated.
  • Current immigration status proof
  • Photocopy of the marriage certificate if you are planning to opt for a work visa with your partner. 
  • Proof of employment offer 
  • Proof that your employer has undergone the LMIA mandate
  • Also, proof of documents if your employer is exempt from LMIA mandates. 
  • If you work for the Quebec province with an LMIA, provide valid proof of your Quebec Acceptance Certificate issued by the ministry.
  • When applying for a post-graduation work permit, mention that with supporting documents.  
  • The visa office in charge can ask for more relevant documents as applicable. 

How To Extend A Canadian Work Permit From India? 

Usually, by applying for a Canada work permit from India, you will get to work in Canada for a specified duration. But will have to get an extension when planning to stay in Canada for a few more days. 

Under the circumstances, when you are outside Canada, you might find that your work permit is about to expire. You can raise an online application to extend the same.

Also, the authorities will let you apply for a post-graduation work permit while staying outside Canada. All you need to do is indicate the same in your application.  

How Can You Apply For An Extension?

There are two ways to apply for an online extension when your work permit to Canada is about to expire:

You Can Apply Online

The procedure requires you to submit your application before midnight UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) of your work permit’s expiry date. Make it a point to determine the difference between your local time and the UTC.  

You Can Apply Via Offline Mode

You can visit the case processing centre and get a stamp from the authorities on the same day. Under conditions when you have failed to stick by the expiry date, the authorities count back seven days and use that as the date of receiving. 

Under all possible circumstances, never try to extend your work permit without a valid passport. Always ensure that your passport’s expiry date does not collide with the expiration date of your work permit. 

Conditions Under Which The Work Permit Is Eligible For An Extension 

Your work permit is eligible for an extension under the following conditions:

  • You applied for a new work permit before the existing one gets expired.
  • The employer has decided to continue the contract previously signed. 
  • All this time of your stay, you had been a dutiful citizen abiding by the rules in Canada. 

Things To Do When Applying For A Change In Conditions In The Work Permit

At times the workers change their job and the conditions in the prevalent work permit change. Then you can always apply for a new work permit with changed conditions, and the same will offer you an extension. But you need to inform the authorities first. Here is a list of all the things that you need to mention:

  • The name and relevant details of the new employer. 
  • The time frame of your work, the wage offered and the sustainability schedule. 

You cannot ask for a work permit with a visit visa for Canada. Temporary workers with an open work permit do not have to apply for an extension when applying for a new employer. They can simply apply for renewal once the present work permit is about to expire. 


You can always extend your visit visa for Canada or a work permit as applicable. However, ensure you have the right reasons and a clean criminal record in Canada.

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