Har ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun Trek: The Weekend Thrill

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There are many treks in Uttarakhand and one such peculiar exploration is Har ki Dun Trek. Har denotes Shiva and Dun means Valley so the name Har ki Dun means “Valley of Gods”. So, in that sense, it is a valley and has mountains on all three sides. It is situated in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas. 

Har ki Dun rests in the famous SwargaRohini Peak and as per the Hindu folk tales, it is believed that famous scholar Yudhisthir (of Mahabharata) went to Swarg with his dog through this peak. The antecedents of this area were ruled by the Pandavas and Kauravas of Mahabharata.

Why one should choose Har ki Dun

  • Har ki dun trek starts from a small village called Sankri, which is around a 200 km drive from Dehradun. From Sankri you travel to Taluka and Osla. Of its not-so-challenging hiking trail, this trek becomes an absolute choice for beginners as well. It is a combination of varied terrain and vista and hence provides an all-around experience to the hikers.


  • These days a lot of hill stations are being exploited by us through the enormous use of plastic. But there are still many small villages that are not much affected by cultivation while you travel through this trek. Taluka, Osla, and Jakhol are the small hamlets you pass through and offer you a magnificent location to enjoy. People here are very soft-hearted and have great values. Many herdsmen even come here for long stays to make their animals graze on the vast grasslands.


  • The trek is almost a week long and has the most picturesque location. This valley is seen with snow-capped mountains from December to March. The famous mountain peaks of Kala Nag, Swarga Rohini (which is a group of several peaks), and Bandar Poonch can easily be seen while you are on your journey to this beautiful trek.

Various things like Camping, Trekking, and Photography can be the best options to consider on this trek.

Camping beside the river surrounded by greenery gives you an enthralling experience. Stargazing at night and early mornings with birds chirping sounds makes camping at this trek an unusual experience.

Views of snow-loaded peaks, numerous valleys, and waterfalls will leave you spellbound. And if you are the kind of person who loves to interact with different people and want to know about different cultures then shorter treks to the small villages can also be a great option for you where you can get a chance to have a meal with them and know about them and their culture better.

In this hustle-bustle of city life, we are losing our nature. This trek is a must-visit place for the one who is a nature lover. You can see enormous species of birds here like Great Pied Hornbill, Green Magpie, Cheer-Pheasant, Hill-Partridge, Oriental Turtle Dove, Ultramarine Flycatcher, Verditer Flycatcher, Great Barbet, etc. So, don’t wait and pick up your phone and cameras to secure these beautiful birds.

When to Travel

You can travel throughout the year on this trek however, it is best advisable to travel from April to June and from September to December. And if you are a person who likes to do snow trekking then January to March is a good time to go.

The rainy season comes with its difficulties. Lots of landslides and cloud bursts tend to happen during Monsoon leading to congestion on roads so it is better to avoid trekking in this season.

Temperature falls to as low as -10 degree Celsius to -15 degree Celsius during winters and the shelters are also fewer. So, buying clothes and other times also gets very difficult during this time. Hence, it is advisable to carry your heavy winter clothing and raincoats along with some ready-to-eat food items.

Region– Uttarakhand
Trek Duration– 7 to 8 Days
Difficulty Level – Easy to Moderate
Altitude – 12,000 ft
Distance – 44 km
Best Time– Throughout the year, except monsoon.

Travel Plan

Day 1- Start from Dehradun and reach Sankri via road. Take a food break in between and give yourself a break after all you are here to relax and not exert yourself.

Day2- Start with a 14km long trek to Taluka and Osla. The famous temple of Duryodhana (from Mahabharata) can be seen in Osla village. 

Day3- Trek to the long-awaited Har ki Dun starts on day3. Views of the beautiful mountain peaks and large grasslands are worth waiting for. Do camping at night here.

Day4- Take time to traverse and enjoy at the top of Har ki Dun.

Day5- Start moving down again to Osla and rest.

Day6- Travel from Osla to Sankri

Day7- Final day of the trek brings some excitement of finishing the trek and a lot of fatigue. Travel back to Dehradun and finally to their respective destinations.

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