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Hands-On: What’s New in the iPhone 14!

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When Apple announced the iPhone 14, people around the world were shocked! It was so beautiful, sleek and new that nobody could believe it was real! Of course, it WAS real, and here’s my review to show you why this phone will blow you away with its new features.

The Design

We’ve always believed that our focus on clean, simple, and easy-to-use design is what makes our devices so popular. And it just got better. With an all-new flatter design, you get a brighter, more seamless user experience than ever before. The iPhone 14 also includes new colors that let you personalize your device any way you want.

The Features

We’re stoked to announce that not only is this phone water resistant, but it has a headphone jack. Yes, there are plenty of wireless options on the market but with our busy lives sometimes we need just one more thing to carry around. Another great feature is FaceTime Free which enables unlimited video chatting from any device running iOS 5 and up. There have been some other updates like emergency satellite communications and crash detection.

Price and Availability

We can only reveal so much. But if you’re craving more information about this new phone, you’ll be able to order the iPhone 14 starting on Friday, September 16th for a suggested retail price of $799 (US) or £849 (UK) for the base of the 128GB Model.

My Thoughts

When I got my hands on the iPhone14, it was like a dream come true. There are so many cool new features that I couldn’t stop looking at all of them. One of my favorite features is Quick Texting-you can now send quick texts to any person using their name instead of texting them directly. Another feature that I really love is Automatic Updates-now whenever there are updates, they just happen without having to do anything but wait and they will be on your phone automatically.

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