Group Cards: A Beautiful Way Of Giving Cards

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There goes a saying, “The more the better”. When it comes to giving someone cards, doing it individually is nice, but when you do it as a group, more people will contribute to it and this will save you a lot of time and effort. Plus, the more minds, the better the ideas. The beauty of group cards is that it is the perfect thing to give in any situation. Is it to say your goodbyes? or congratulate someone, or maybe even an apology, group cards are the perfect thing to give.

When there are a greater number of people involved, there will be a lot of ideas pouring in. Each person will have their level of creativity and you can make use of that to create the best group card ever. Each of you will have different ideas regarding the design, the color combination, and the font you should use to make the group card look more beautiful. To top it all off you can add a small note or a signature to the group card.

The recipient will be overjoyed to receive a group card. To make your group card better you can add some messages to it. This will make it more meaningful and worthwhile. It would be even better if each of you could leave a message of your own and add your signature below it. However, a single message with the signature of everyone involved in the making of the group card will also be sufficient. This way you can express your feelings to the recipient as a group and they would love it. While giving the group card, you need to ensure that all of you are present at the moment as this will make it better. We at have compiled a few messages that you can include in your group cards.

Goodbye Group Card Messages

Goodbyes are certainly a difficult thing to do. It is quite hard to part with someone you hold dear to you. You need to make sure that the goodbye ends on a beautiful note to make it memorable and a joyous one. Here are a few goodbye group messages that you can incorporate into your goodbye group card.

  • We will miss you dearly. Do visit us often.
  • Always remember that we are your family and will always welcome you with open arms.
  • A couple of thousand miles is just a little space. We will wait for your return eagerly.
  • This may not seem as much but here is a small token from us. We pray for your success and safe travels.
  • It is quite painful for us to see you leave. Remember us and we will be coming and visiting you often.

Group Congratulation cards

If someone were to achieve something or perform a great deed, they would love to hear someone congratulate them. You can make their day by making a group card and congratulating them together. Here are a few good groups congratulatory cards.

  • You finally did it! We are so proud of you.
  • We are so happy and proud that you were able to reach where you are now.
  • You always had our support from the very beginning. Congrats
  • We are so impressed with your feats. Congratulations
  • It is so nice to see someone start small and grow this big. Here is a small token from our side and congrats.

Group Apology card

An apology is something quite hard to pull off. The person you will be apologizing to will be enraged and the right way of apologizing is the only way you can fix it. If there is more than one person who needs to apologize, it is best to do it as a group. Here are a few things you can use for your group apology card.

  • We are so sorry for what we did. Please find it in your heart to forgive.
  • This was a huge blunder on our part. We shall ensure that it never repeats.
  • We know that forgiveness is not something that we can take after what we did. But we sincerely apologize for everything.
  • We messed up this time, but we will make sure that nothing like this will ever happen again.
  • Please forgive us. We can give you a guarantee that you will never face any of this again.

Well, there you have it. These are a few messages you can use in your group cards for these particular situations. You can add as many sentences as you like, just make sure you don’t clutter the group card as it will make it look messy and unappealing. There is one key point you must remember; it is always the thought that counts. Hope this article helps you!

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