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Green Up Your Space | Creative Ways to Use The Best Indoor Plants

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Are you tired of the same old home decor and looking for a fresh new look? Well, the best indoor plants can be the unique and low-maintenance solution you need! These plants add a touch of green to any space and can be used in creative ways to add an extra layer of beauty to your home. Get ready to discover some inspiring and imaginative ways to incorporate ground cover plants into your home decor, from lush living carpets to charming mini terrariums. Whether you are a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your journey, these creative ideas will leave you feeling inspired and excited to revamp your home decor!

Mini Terrarium

To create a mini terrarium, you will need a glass container with a lid, some pebbles for drainage, activated charcoal to absorb any excess moisture, and potting soil. Once you have your materials, follow these simple steps:

  • Add a layer of pebbles to the bottom of the glass container for drainage.
  • Sprinkle a thin layer of activated charcoal on top of the pebbles to prevent mould and bacteria growth.
  • Add a layer of potting soil on top of the charcoal.
  • Select your ground cover plants and arrange them in the soil.
  • Add any decorative elements, such as small stones or figurines, to the terrarium.

When selecting ground cover plants for your terrarium, look for plants that thrive in high-humidity environments and low-light conditions. Some great options include baby tears, mosses, and ferns. Each of these plants has unique features that can add interest and texture to your terrarium.

Living Carpets

Living carpets are a unique and creative way to incorporate the best indoor plants into your home decor. Essentially, a living carpet is a grouping of low-growing plants that are used to cover a section of the floor, creating a natural and textured look.

To create a living carpet, start by selecting a large, shallow container or tray. Add a layer of potting soil to the bottom, then arrange your plants in a pattern or design that suits your style. You can also mix different types of ground cover plants to create a more textured and visually interesting look.

Green Walls

Green walls, also known as living walls or vertical gardens, have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to bring the outdoors inside. Indoor ground cover plants can be used to create a stunning green wall that adds a unique touch to any room. 

To create your green wall, you can either use a pre-made system or create your own using a trellis or wire mesh. Plant your ground cover plants in the designated areas and ensure that they have adequate water and drainage. As your plants grow and fill in the space, your green wall will become a stunning focal point in your home.

Hanging Planters:

Hanging planters are a great way to incorporate ground cover plants into your home decor while also saving valuable floor space. To create a hanging planter, you will need a planter pot or basket, a hook or hanger, soil, and your chosen ground cover plant.

To create your hanging planter, fill your pot or basket with soil and plant your ground cover plant. You may also want to add some moss or other decorative elements to cover the soil and add visual interest. Then, attach your hook or hanger to the pot and find the perfect spot to display your new hanging planter.


Indoor ground cover plants can be a unique and creative addition to your home decor, and this post has showcased just a few of the many ways you can incorporate them into your space. From living carpets to green walls and hanging planters, there are endless possibilities for using these low-maintenance plants to add a touch of greenery to any room. By using the best indoor plants in new and creative ways, you can bring life and colour to your home decor while also improving air quality and reducing stress.

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