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Top 10+ Google Reviews WordPress Plugins For Your Websites

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What is better than Google reviews to help you grow the brand and build trust fast? Marketers have been looking for different strategies to take full advantage of Google reviews. One such strategy is embedding Google reviews on the website. When you initiate displaying Google reviews on the website, people believe you more and are more likely to purchase your products.

Are you looking for the best Google reviews WordPress plugins? You are at the right place.

Google reviews act as advertising, whenever you display reviews on your product page, it spreads the word about your product. Customer feedback is a must for every brand, when people leave reviews it automatically builds trust and forms a connection between the user and the brand. Adding ratings and reviews to your website, you show social proof using the power of authentic content. 

Now, to add Google reviews to your WordPress website, getting the right plugin that satisfies all your requirements are essential and makes embedding extremely easy. In this article, you will find the best WordPress plugins that help you display Google reviews on the website. Let’s get started.

Best Google Reviews WordPress Plugins

Here are some major plugins that can help you embed Google reviews on your WordPress site with just a few clicks.

1. Taggbox: Social Media Aggregator

Taggbox is a review platform that allows you to aggregate and display Google reviews on your WordPress website without any technical expertise. You get to customize your widget with various responsive and fast-loading layouts. Moderate and filter all inappropriate, irrelevant content from the widget to display only relevant and quality information. 

Moreover, with the analytics feature, you can detailed insights about sentiment analysis, no. of impressions, no. of visits, click-through rates, and much more. Start your free trial now and make an informed investment decision.

2. Trustindex: Widget for Google reviews 

More than 30,000 WordPress websites use Trustindex to collect and embed reviews effortlessly. You can increase your marketing efforts, improve SEO, build trust, and boost sales. You get to manage and display all your reviews from one platform, choose from 35 layouts and 17 pre-designed styles to display reviews in the best possible ways. 

3. Everest: Google Places Reviews

This plugin is considered one of the best WordPress plugins that let you create unlimited Google places, you get more than 5 beautifully designed badges, headers, review templates, get business review layouts like sliders and lists. Apart from this, you also get 5 inbuilt responsive canvas layouts and you can display only 5-star rated reviews on your website. 

4. Google My Business 

This is one of the best plugins to help you display reviews and ratings on your website. This plugin collects the data using your Google place ID and displays reviews in a well-structured list or block of reviews on the website. 

5. WP Customer reviews 

You can limit the number of reviews shown on your web pages, use more than one page, etc. This plugin is compatible with WordPress multisite and multi-user and it supports both business and product reviews. You can edit the content and date of the reviews to display the most appropriate and relevant content. 

6. Google places review Pro (Premium)

You can add rich snippets, and structured data markup, increase the brand’s fame, boost sales, grow revenue, and display reviews in the body or widget of your website. With this powerful plugin you can have shortcodes to display reviews in the order you wish. 

7. WP Business Reviews 

With this plugin, you can select from various display options like a sidebar, responsive gallery, lists, carousels, etc. You can customize your rating system, label your favorite review to show on top, and highlight the name and avatars of your customers if you wish. 

8. Everest Google Places Reviews 

Use this plugin to add a call-to-action button to allow your visitors to leave a review, set up your badge position to showcase the reviews perfectly, set the position of your canvas, and display only 5-star rated reviews on the website. 

9. Premium Addons for Elementor 

This plugin shows only reviews that consist of a star rating range you wish to display. You can customize your Google [place image, hide/show your name, review date, review text, rating, etc. This plugin comes with more than 60 customizable add-ons and widgets that are good enough to supercharge your plugin.  

10. Starfish review 

Using this plugin you can display a collection of reviews on multiple web pages. It also comes with an optimized process to help you improve the quality and quantity of the reviews you get. Starfish review plugin also works well with email marketing plugins and allows you to view the overall rating. 

11. Customer reviews for WooCommerce

This plugin lets you add good-looking reviews to your online store. Encouraging people to leave reviews and increase engagement while building loyalty and improving SEO. You can set up automatic review request reminders and send them to customers who recently purchased your product. This plugin includes ratings, images, voting, and filtering options, aggregates review forms, prevents spam, and allows you to accept video reviews. 

Up to you!

Simply install the plugin, activate it, create the review widget, and paste the embed code into your website backend to make your plugin functional on the website. These simple-to-use plugins can help you embed Google reviews on your website without any coding or technical complexities.

You can reach out to a massive audience, boost brand awareness, maximize conversion rates, reduce customer acquisition costs, and boost sales using Google reviews, as they are more authentic and genuine. Make sure you make an informed decision and choose the perfect plugin for embedding Google reviews on your website.

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