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Ghagra Choli: The Perfect Outfit Choice for Every Indian Function

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A significant function ringing in your schedule? Are you confused about what you want to wear? Well, when it comes to Indian women; Ghagra choli is the perfect option for every Indian function. This outfit is an ideal choice for all kinds of occasions- right from simple weddings to traditional parties to pre-wedding functions. Even for festivals, ghagra choli works perfectly fine.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy ghagra choli online. There are many sellers online, and more and more designers have set up their stores online itself. The best part about a ghagra choli is that it isn’t just one piece. It comes with three elements- one is the choli, one is of course the ghagra or the lehenga, and the third is the dupatta. The best part about this is that when you want to buy a ghagra choli online and cannot find the perfect set which appeals to your aesthetic sense, then you can go for mix and match simply.

Different styles to keep you floored

The best part about getting a ghagra choli is that it comes in various designs and different styles. The biggest thing to experiment with is the kind of cuts available with this attire. For example, you can check out fishtail cuts wherein the lehenga fits perfectly at the waist and then flows outward. You can go for a simple flared lehenga which will look extensively royal on the stage too. You can check out the different cuts and styles available when it comes to options of ghagra choli online. This will help you check out the different designs and make the right choice.

Create different looks depending on the occasion

While a ghagra choli appears to be extensively simple, it can create many different looks. When you check out options, you will see models draping the dupattas differently or experimenting with different cuts. If you want to go for a simple cocktail party, then drape the dupatta accordingly. If you want to look stylish for your best friend’s sangeet, then stick to a mermaid-style ghagra. Additionally, you can also choose a shirt right on top of the ghagra. Depending on the occasion, you can select the perfect variation of the ghagra choli you want to buy.

Some of the looks you can experiment with include the following:

  • Put a dupatta over your head or drape it like a saree to add the traditional factor.
  • Put the dupatta over your shoulder from both sides and let your neck jewelry and neckline be visible for a smart look.
  • When you check out options onlineyou would also be able to see different styles of cholis available for the same lehenga to give you a different look whenever you want.

Most importantly: pick the right designer and right tailor

While picking the right tailor is not a concern when you go to buy a ghagra cholibut otherwise, you would need to choose the perfect designer as well as the right tailor. It can be expensive. If you choose the wrong designer, then you will end up wasting your money and also be left with no outfit for the occasion you are expecting.

All of the pointers mentioned above prove that a ghagra choli is definitely a great option. Buy a ghagra choli online or simply pick it up from one of your favorite designers. Get your mind thinking, get in touch with your sartorial sense and choose an attire that matches your personality perfectly.

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