Online or live trading in India at low brokerage can help you earn high returns. Read on to understand how to get started with live trading in India at low brokerage.

Get Started with Live Trading in India with Low Brokerage

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Idle money will never help you increase your worth with time. However, you can multiply your money by investing in stock exchanges in India. The best way to build wealth is to dive into the world of live trading, where fortunes are made. You might enjoy a fairy-tale ride in the world of live trading by applying the right strategies. 

However, you need to search for a few things first to get started with live trading. For example, you need to search for a low-brokerage stockbroker to make transactions on stock exchanges. 

Let us discuss more about how to get started with live trading in India.

What Exactly is Live Trading?

In India, live trading means buying and selling financial securities in real-time via digital platforms. Through live trading, you buy different financial instruments on stock exchanges. These financial instruments can be shares, futures contracts, commodities, derivatives, bonds, or other securities. Live trading involves executing orders based on current prices on stock exchanges. Since the orders are executed in real-time, you can take advantage of price movements on stock exchanges. You will not wait for a broker to execute your share market order on your behalf. As soon as you confirm the order via a digital platform, it is executed, and the securities are transferred.

Mobile applications, web interfaces, and other digital platforms are used for live trading in India. These digital platforms can help you access the securities listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, and other exchanges in India. Usually, live trading occurs on stock exchanges on weekdays in India. 

Live trading is usually closed on weekends, national holidays, and a few festivals. Every stock exchange has a pre-decided time for live trading (usually between 09:00 AM and 03:30 PM). Besides a trading platform, you will need a trading account to buy and sell financial instruments on stock exchanges. You will require a Demat account to hold the purchased instruments like shares and bonds.

Understanding Live Trading with Low Brokerage

You need to search for a reliable stockbroker to open an account for live trading in India. The stockbroker and the trading account will also help you choose a trading platform. Some people might search for a depository participant for a trading account. Remember, a depository participant cannot provide you with a trading account, as it only offers a Demat account. On the other hand, a stockbroker can offer both accounts and a digital platform for live trading. Without a stockbroker, you cannot connect with the famous stock exchanges in the country. To extend trading services, a stockbroker will charge a fee, known as a brokerage charge.

Brokerage charges might be applied to every live trading transaction made by a trading platform. The brokerage charge for a particular transaction might be a fixed/flat fee or a percentage of the total trade value. Low brokerage trading refers to minimal charges applied by stockbrokers on live trading transactions. 

When demat brokerage charges are low, retail/small investors can make traders and earn returns. Some stockbrokers can offer brokerage as low as 0.01% for live trading. Low brokerage trading will help you save more on your share market deals. However, finding a stockbroker that offers low brokerage trading in India is essential.

In a Nutshell

With low brokerage trading, you will pay fewer charges to the stockbroker. With the right stockbroker, you can build substantial wealth as a trader. Usually, discount brokers in India offer low brokerage charges on live trading. So start low brokerage trading in India right away! 

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