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How to Choose Fossil Glasses the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

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When purchasing fossil Glasses online, it is essential to understand your facial features to be the best fit. A triangle is not only a geometrical shape but also simulates one of the most prevalent face shapes. The term “triangle face shape” relates to a triangle with pointed angles on the top and a flat foundation underneath. This face form is described as a tall mountain with a narrow peak. As a result, this facial shape is also referred to as a triangle face cut. Finding Fossil Eyeglasses for triangle facial features can be difficult sometimes, but there are always tips and techniques to help.

Discover the Triangle Face Shape in four Easy Steps

Triangle faces become smaller at the top and wider at the bottom. Keep an eye on the jaw-line region to identify a triangle face. When matched to the cheeks and forehead, the jaw seems to be the widest aspect of the face. So, get these significant points that define the triangular face cuts and will help you in finding fossil glasses frames for triangle faces.

·         Widest jaw-line

The broadest and most distinguishing characteristic of individuals with a triangle facial shape is the jaw-line, which mimics the triangle base. Although the jawline should be wide, it should not be sharp or angular. It is also delicate and gentle.

·         Narrow Forehead

People with a triangular facial structure have a narrow forehead starting from the topmost of the face. It indicates that the brow is narrower than the other characteristics of the face, such as the cheeks and jawline. In addition, the hairline seems to be thin, and there appears to be significant space between the brows and forehead. Wide Cheek-bones Triangle facial shapes have broad cheekbones, making the cheeks look rounder or fuller. The cheekbones are either symmetrical with the jawline or slightly broader than the jaw.

·         Flat Chin

The chin looks flat or well-rounded in the instance of a base-down triangle facial structure. There is no jawline that is sharp or angular.

How to choose the right eyeglasses for triangle face cuts?

Fossil prescription glasses with a wider top portion and a smaller bottom half are ideal for people with triangular faces. The most significant thing to remember is to maintain the lower portion of the face. Therefore, the spectacles that are heavier and wider on top are the best for triangular shapes.

·         Cat-eye spectacles

Cat buy prescription eyeglasses online are one of the few spectacles that look great with a variety of facial shapes, including feminine triangle face glasses. The triangle faces can be enhanced by eyeglasses with extended temples. Tortoise-shell, sporty, marble effect, and leopard print frames are specific designs that can be chosen to add width to the face.

·         Wider frame

To emphasize the top portion of the face, you should choose eyeglasses with oversize frames. It will reduce the face width and make it appear more proportional. Also, the spectacles have a unique shape, with a smaller lower portion and a wider top half.

·         Semi-rim style

Semi-rim fossil glasses for men soften the appearance of a broad jawline while emphasizing the top portion of the face. The semi-rim style of spectacles in metal frames is the best option because it gives the wearer an impressive appearance.

·         Browline frames

Frames with heavier top sections, such as browline frames with a double bridge, are ideal for a man with a triangular facial shape. Frames with intricate detailing on the temples, such as valuable stones and patterns, will balance the narrowness of the brow while appearing smaller in the jawline.

·         Oval Glasses

Oval spectacles with designer frames are also appealing as lenses for a triangle facial shape. Oval faces can choose rimless, half-rim, or full-rim spectacles in a variety of colors, designs, metal, and plastic patterns.

·         Extended upswept

Extended upswept features on eyeglasses draw attention away from the wide jawlines and counterbalance the face by letting the narrow brow appear evenly proportionate. These spectacles have an inverted triangular face design.

Avoid spectacles with a broader bottom section, as this will make your jawline appear wider. Now you know which spectacles are ideal for a triangular facial shape, pick up a pair of these eye-catching non-prescription or Rx glasses and set your best foot forward.

Even though these geometric facial forms are prevalent, finding spectacles can be challenging. Now, you can easily find America’s best eyewear set of fossil prescription eyeglasses for your triangle facial features.

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