FOR WRITERS: 6 Ways to Effectively Connect With Your Readers

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For people who are not writers, it’s so easy to think that the job of writers is “just writing”, but mind you, it’s not a “just” thing, especially because not everyone can write as a real writer. There are certain standards for one to become a true writer, a good writer for that matter. It’s not only about being able to pick up a piece of paper and a pen, or about being able to flip your laptop up and type on its keyboard. One of the most powerful things writers do is connect with their readers with the use of their own words and narration.

Proficient knowledge and skills in vocabulary, grammar rules, and different styles of writing are top-notch essentials. Being detail-oriented, time-aware, and hard-working is important. Chiefly, you can never ignore your readers! Aside from writing for yourself, your passion, your hobby, or your task, you are writing for people who read your content. Among the biggest goals of writers is to capture the attention of people, so they to read their stories. The connection between you and your readers is a must for that to happen. And it’s something that you should maintain.

Know more. Check out these 6 ways to effectively connect with your readers.

1 – Write about a topic familiar to your readers.

When you write, you converse with your readers. Inside of your head, while you write, and inside of their heads while they read, you speak with others. For worthwhile conversations beyond time and space, write about a topic that is familiar to your readers. Serve something they know about or understand. Best if it’s a subject that fits their interests. 

A familiar topic will be the first thing that will connect you and your new readers. It’s like the bridge that links two different ends – in this case, these ends are the readers and the writer. Like a common pursuit between two strangers who are about to become friends, this topic will be the start of something fresh between you and your readers. 

Furthermore, it can be a topic that can greatly relate to. They see themselves in what they read because in the very first place, you have them in mind while you compose it. 

2 – Use a tone that gets them hooked.

Reading an article, readers hear a particular voice inside their heads. Every person has a different take on that, but if you have a clear intention on what type or style of writing tone to use, then you can achieve a tone that all readers mutually hear – if not in an exact manner, in the nearest possibility. 

Use a writing tone that gets readers hooked the moment they begin reading your piece. The opening of a piece is very crucial because it contributes a lot to readers’ desire to read the rest of the article or to just look for another. Grab their attention, and call them. Get them gripped and absorbed the moment they step into the realm of your written creations. 

3 – Write to them like you’re personally speaking to them.

Make readers feel warmly welcomed. Let them know they are the most special people to you as a writer because you are writing for them and also to them. Write to them like you are personally speaking to them. Establish that tight connection wherein the readers will feel like you do not want to let go of their attention on your write-ups. Like a friend, close relative, or a favorite teacher in school, you write to them, making them comfortable and at home. 

You are acknowledging your readers, and they love that. 

4 – Ask them, and let them answer in their mind.

To effectively connect with your readers, get them involved. Interact with them. Ask them questions, and let them answer in their mind. Make them think. Let them ponder on your ideas laid out in front of them in the form of a write-up.

Give them an important role in the stories and articles you form. They are not just readers. Let them understand a portion of some content where they are called to act or to do something. Such write-ups inspire and influence readers to be better, smarter, and braver. They help people make wise decisions and be proud of them. 

That’s one of the ways your content gets to empower people who are not only your readers but are people. 

5 – Incorporate your own stories.

Connecting with readers also requires opening yourself up to them, sharing bits of your life, and making readers see sides you have never shown before. Incorporate your own stories and experiences in those pieces. It becomes more personal to you because a significant part of yourself is written down there. It becomes extra special as you impart them to others. 

You and your readers will feel more connected because you are not talking about fiction or any other people’s life. You are talking about yourself, and it’s the easiest but also the hardest to talk about. When you get to unravel it, then a close connection is built, just like when you become close with a new friend because you have shared stories of the same struggles you experienced in your individual lives.  

6 – Write sincerely, and enjoy it.

Working in a creative agency or working independently, you should do it this way: Write sincerely, and enjoy it. Be natural. Do not fake a connection. Do not fake interaction. It’s you, a real writer, and your readers, real readers, and people.  

It is felt when it’s true. It is inevitably displayed when it’s true. Have fun and worthwhile time writing with all honesty, and your readers will love your content and most especially, will love you.



Readers are to writers as audiences are to performers. Your readers are the most important people you are facing and talking to as you write. Be sure that they get on the same page as you and that you get on the same page as them. Be in the same place, and enjoy the conversation together in the middle of your write-up. Meet and interact in every piece, and maintain that relationship with your readers. That’s how you will not only let them read a single piece but you will also make them keep coming back for more of what you have in store. 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. She is a daytime writer for Orion Creative, a digital agency, and design studio in Sydney, building greater possibilities for brands and businesses of all sorts. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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