Page Alignment Issue on Hp Printer

Fix Page Alignment Issue on Hp Printer

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Normally there are no issues with HP printers as they are known for their top-quality prints. But sometimes it might happen that the HP printer you are using displays an error message like “alignment failed” and the ink doesn’t line up properly while printing. In such cases, you can get your printer aligned by using the given tips or contacting at the Hp Printer Support Number.

  • Align the ink cartridges: Firstly, the ink cartridges should be aligned properly. To do this:

1. Switch on the printer.
2. Insert a small stack of paper into the input tray.
3. Now open the HP Solution Center on your system.
4. Open the settings and then click on ‘Print Settings.
5. Clicking on the printer toolbox will open a few options for you.
6. Select the option ‘Align the print cartridges.
7. After clicking on align, follow the given instructions to align the cartridges properly.

  • Reset the printer: To reset the printer:

a. Switch on the printer.

b. Now, wait for some time till the printer becomes idle.

c. Keeping the printer on, remove the power cord from the printer as well as from the wall outlet.

d. Now after some time put the plug back into the wall outlet and then reconnect the power cord to the printer as well.

e. Wait till the printer switches on and print a test page to check if it is properly aligned.

  • Paper Type: Make sure to use the appropriate paper for printing.

a. Remove all the paper from the paper tray.
b. Make sure the paper is clean and is of adequate size and should be unused.
c. Insert the white plain paper of fine quality apt for printing.
d. Select ‘set up’ from the control panel of the printer.
e. Select ‘Tools’ and then select ‘Align Printer’.
f. By opening the printer, keep the alignment test page on the scanner glass.
g. Make sure the paper is positioned appropriately.
h. Put down the lid of the printer and then press ‘Ok’.
i. Examine the alignment page properly to make sure there are no faded or inconsistent marks.
j. Now print a test page to check if the printer is properly aligned.

For any kind of further assistance, don’t forget to call at Hp tech support phone number. Here, the trained technical members will resolve all the printing issues with HP printers. Don’t worry about the model of the printer you are using, just get in touch with the technical team when in difficulty.

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