Five Unusual Saree Trends to Watch Out for

Five Unusual Saree Trends to Watch Out for

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The year 2023 is expected to be fascinating, especially for those interested in traditional ethnic dress. What better way to discuss ethnic attire and its style than by highlighting Indian sarees?

Sarees have been worn for generations and are an essential part of Indian culture. Sarees, however, are no longer just available in conventional styles and patterns. Here are five unusual saree trends for this year that you should be aware of.

Different Draping Designs

Through a distinctive draping method, you may easily give the conventional sarees a distinctive touch. Even though the conventional saree drape is timeless, have you seen the butterfly or mermaid styles? They are amazing in every way.

The pallu is draped over the shoulder in the shape of a butterfly for the butterfly style, and a mermaid’s tail for the mermaid style. One may easily update and style their traditional saree online

with very little work.

Sarees Fusion

Fusion of traditional and modern saree patterns is another industry trend that is growing in popularity. Although they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, these sarees—which are properly called “fusion sarees”—combine the best of both worlds.

For individuals who wish to experiment with new looks while maintaining their classic aesthetic, these sarees are ideal. If you want to create an impact at a big occasion, it would be great if you thought about keeping one in your closet.

Unorthodox fabric

But why stop at unusual saree designs when you can also experiment with unusual fabrics? To produce distinctive sarees, designers are experimenting with materials like denim, leather, and transparent textiles. Leather sarees can give any ensemble an edgy feel, while denim sarees are ideal for a relaxed appearance. Conversely, sheer sarees may bring a sense of elegance to any situation.

Different accessories

A saree is, of course, never truly complete without the proper accessories. Statement necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can give any saree a little additional oomph. Consider the use of a belt to style an organza silk saree.

Pair this saree with a metallic belt for a new twist that will highlight your contours and give it a fantastic form. It is advised to wear little jewellery so that attention is drawn to the manner you have designed your saree. For a new and different style, try wearing your hair down in loose waves with floral accents rather than in a tight bun with hair pulled back.

Hair and makeup trends today

Finally, the wearer’s choice of cosmetics and hairstyle is another trend that is growing in popularity with traditional saree fashion. People are choosing more contemporary looks these days, and it is easy to see why. Any saree may look gorgeous with contemporary trends like smoky eyelids and untidy buns.The key is to match your cosmetics and haircut to the pattern and colour of the saree.


These five are undoubtedly among the greatest of the many unorthodox trends that are now popular. So go ahead and try with these styles to add a contemporary spin to your saree collection!

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